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Gender: F Origin of Odessa: Russian place-name

Odessa, a Ukrainian port city, was given its name by Russia's Catherine the Great, who was inspired by Homer's Odyssey. It would make an original and intriguing choice.

Though rare today, Odessa had more U.S. popularity in the past than you might imagine. It actually ranked in the Top 1000 every year from 1880, the year Social Security records began to be kept, through 1956. Michael Chiklis, onetime Commish, has a daughter named Odessa.

Famous People Named Odessa

Odessa Cleveland, American actress
Odessa Warren Grey, American milliner, entrepreneur, and performer

Pop Culture References for the name Odessa

Odessa, an organization founded by SS officers in 1944 to aid fugitive Nazis
Odessa Green-Light, main character in "Odessa Again" by Dana Reinhardt
Odessa Cubbage, minor character in video game "Half-Life 2"
Odessa, song by Caribou
Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Texas, USA

Odyssia, Adessia, Adeshia, Adesha, Odyssa, Odissa, Adessa, Odessia