Gender: Female Meaning of Octavia: "eighth" Origin of Octavia: Latin Octavia's Popularity in 2019: #371

Octavia Origin and Meaning

The name Octavia is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "eighth".

Octavia began as the Latin, then Victorian name for an eighth child. While there aren't many eighth children anymore, this ancient Roman name has real possibilities as a substitute for the overused Olivia; recommended for its combination of classical and musical overtones. It was chosen for his daughter by Kevin Sorbo.

Octavia has a rich history and literary pedigree. Commonly used in the Roman Imperial family, one first century BC Octavia was the daughter of Claudius, sister of the Emperor Augustus and the second, pre-Cleopatra, wife of Mark Antony (she appears in Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra), while another ancient Octavia was the teenage wife of Nero. The British civic reformer Octavia Hill actually was an eighth daughter.

The name came into the spotlight recently via Octavia Spencer, who won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her strong performance in The Help. And Octavia is part of Cinna's prep team for Katniss Everdeen during the 74th and 75th Hunger Games.

Octavia is also a First Daughter name as the child of President Zachary Taylor.

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Octavia's International Variations

Otavia, Tavia (Spanish) Octavie, Octava (French) Ottavia (Italian)


dystopiarebelle Says:


i must bring the 100 into everything it is my only personality trait :)

Isabella_188 Says:


Ava is a cute nickname!

Boba_Buddy_Le Says:


Octavia sounds like something I would name one of my BitLife children.

OctaviaBarnes Says:


I'm Octavia and my friends call me Tavia, Taya (Tee-haya) or Via. I'm originally from Russia and it's quite rare name. But I really love my name and I won't change it.

OctaviaBarnes Says:


thank u, I'm laughing now so bad!

dystopiarebelle Says:



ArthurianDreams Says:


I think this name is beautiful. Octavia sounds very regal and serious but with lighter nicknames and I love it! I'm not a fan of frillier names and really like the strength Octavia has.

me_myself_and_i Says:


I love this name! Reminds me of the sweet and trendy prep team member from the Hunger Games

me_myself_and_i Says:


i imagine British royalty or a staff member for some royal family (not necessarily British) shouting that at a young princess/daughter of a noble family

morgandarbyj Says:


Maybe octavia butler :) She's a very good writer

begg18 Says:


My name, is Octavia, and with a little insight into it, here are some nicknames and some thoughts by friends on it! I usually get nicknamed October, Tavia, Tavi , Octa, and along with that a bunch of other nicknames my friends have pulled out from somewhere in nowhere! My friends have said they pefr Olivia, but loads say it's a pretty and uncommon name, and I've never met a person who dislikes it! The unique name, though uncommon, is a cute name for anyone. It could fit anyone!

Thepandaprincess223 Says:


An undiscovered gem! Octavia rolls off the tounge nicely,and makes me think of royalty. Octavia would make the perfect choice for parents who love Olivia, but not the popularity of it. Octavia Rose sound nice together. I think Octavia Rose and Estella Grace would make an adorable sister set.

aedunn2 Says:


I like the subtle musical association. And I really like Tavi as a nickname!

Araminty Says:


I think Lottie could work for Octavia. I'm not one for thinking nicknames have to be too exact, or like. They develop in all kinds of ways... eg Peggy and Daisy are nicknames for Margaret, Polly for Mary, Posy for Josephine.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Lottie seems too much of a stretch to me. I'm loving Avia or Ava as possible nicknames. The name does really need one, as it's hard not to use one for a four syllable name. Octavia is beautiful, though. I think that it is going to increase a lot in popularity, as I keep hearing it mentioned, especially as a possible alternative to Olivia.

foreverharriet Says:


This is such a gorgeous name, I love the history of it and how it (at least to my ears) sounds musical (Octavia/Octave)

patriciatm Says:


It could be used for a girl born in August the 8th month!

patriciatm Says:


Love Ava as an alternative to O as a nickname!

Octavia Joan Says:


Friends been calling me Octa for years as a nickname. I'm even a first born in the family.

eveyalecia Says:


That's a great name, congrats!

Octavia Says:


As someone who is called Octavia, I love my name and get so many compliments. I usually go by Tavia or Tavie (tay-vee), and love how unique my name is - I have never met anyone with the same name!

snowsbeloved Says:


One of my guilty pleasures names. My hubby would never go for this one and it's not on my short list, but I still like it :)

awheezie Says:


I was young, probably like 13 and got a old second hand book from a garage sale( cannot remember the book but possibly a VC Andrews book) .. Written of the book, on the inside of the cover someone had written her name.. In the most beautiful script was the name Octavia and her last name that I dont remember.. And have always loved the name

awheezie Says:


I was young, probably like 13 and got a
old second hand book from a garage sale( cannot remember the book but possibly a VC Andrews book) .. Inside of the cover someone had written her name.. In the most beautiful script was the name Octavia and her last name that i dont remember.. And have always loved the name

Hollt Says:


Our 2 month old daughter is named Octavia Joan. I was hesitant at first as I'm big on nicknames but now she gets little O, Tay and Ava. Everyone comments on her name and I love it.

ElizaDale Says:


That is where a nickname would come in handy

Catastroffy Says:


Perhaps if I had an eighth child and she was a daughter I would call her Octavia, but I am really too young to try to make plans for a future which is still so distant.

JustNorthofDreams Says:


I love the name Octavia! It's strong but it has a feminine ring to it.

bstevens09 Says:


I think using Ava as a nickname would be possible.

eveyalecia Says:


Femininity is a constructed concept, so it's open to interpretation.

eveyalecia Says:


A lot of nicknames develop naturally that you would never have thought of before. Or if you used Octavia as a first name, you could call her by her middle name, or a nickname derived from her middle name.
I have a friend named Olivia who is often called simply "O" in the same vein that my name (Emily) often gets shortened to merely "Em."
Going by O (like, on paperwork and everything) is kind of bad ass actually-- makes me think of M or Q from the Bond movies. :)

Essa Says:


Is Lottie too much of a stretch? I feel like if you say Octavia and Lottie together they do sound very similar, it's just the issue that there isn't an L anywhere in Octavia never mind at the start.

Essa Says:


A bit too smelly animal for me but yea, I think it works, a little bit of a stretch but not that much really.

Essa Says:


Via and Avi are definitely both plausible, I think I'd like them if someone else used them but they don't particualrly seem to be my style.

headintheclouds Says:


Lovely regal name, with an air of gravitas to it, sounds like a queen's name. Evokes the same feel as Aurelia to me. Nickname options I'd use for Octavia: Tavi, Tavia, Via, Avia.

One huge nitpicky thing for me would be that I'd hesitate to use Octavia on any girl other than my eighth child, which would SO not happen. And even if I were to have at least eight children, there are no guarantees that it would be a daughter! (I have this same exact issue with Quentin xD)

LawsonSandy2010 Says:


I think Via (vee-ah) or Avi (ay-vee) are both cute nickname options.

Hydra Says:


Well, how about Otter? It's a little on the stretched side, but I think it works.

Essa Says:


Nicknames for Octavia?
Octy, Occy, Octo, Tavi, Tavia, Tia? I'm not feeling any tbh. I'm really a nickname kind of person so I can never love a name if I don't love the nickname too.

Any idea what could be used?
Otty possibly? I like that it's similar to Lottie but it doesn't seem to have the same appeal.
Octa would work but it's quite harsh sounding to me.

JamieO Says:


A very harsh sounding name with no femininity to it. But hey, to each their own.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I can't decide how I feel about this name. Do I like it or not? Hmm...

Guest Says:


I've known a lot of young, very pretty Octavias. I just think the name is so hard sounding.

strawberrything Says:


I was at a swimming pool and a mother shouted across the room "Octavia! Stop!" It's a fanciful name but not one that suited being shouted across a pool..

Guest Says:


As much as I love the number 8, Octavia is so clunky to me. I've known a few in my life tho. I think it'll grow on me eventually.

Chicmommy Says:


I'm so obsessed. I have a Julian and I think Octavia would be perfect, my husband finally agreed to it, so I'm so thrilled!

kmdharrington Says:


I could see Octavia following Olivia

DryLake Says:


I love this name with a passion.