Biblical place name; Hebrew
"the Lord is my teacher"

Moriah Origin and Meaning

The name Moriah is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "the Lord is my teacher".
Where Abraham took his son Isaac to sacrifice him. Taylor Hanson chose this as the middle name for his son Viggo, his fourth child, but most will see it as a girls’ name. Make life simpler and spell it Mariah.

Moriah Popularity

20 Names Similar to Moriah

Lists containing Moriah

Famous People Named Moriah

  • Moriah Pereira aka Poppysinger and YouTube phenomenon
  • Moriah PetersAmerican singer
  • Moriah MartinAmerican gymnast
  • Viggo Moriah Hansonson of singer Taylor Hanson
  • Moriah ElizabethArt YouTuber

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