Feminine variation of Christian
"follower of Christ"

Christiana Origin and Meaning

The name Christiana is a girl's name meaning "follower of Christ".

Not cutting edge, but still graceful and feminine.

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Christiana Popularity

Famous People Named Christiana

  • (Karen) Christiana Figueres (Olsen)Costa Rican diplomat, UN climate change secretary
  • Christiana Mariana von ZieglerGerman poet and writer
  • Christiana CavendishCountess of Devonshire, Anglo,Scottish landowner and royalist; wife of William Cavendish
  • ChristianaPrincess of Schleswig,Holstein,Sonderburg,Glücksburg, consort of Christian I, Duke of Saxe,Merseburg
  • Christiana Juliana Oxenstierna17th,century Swedish noble who married a non,noble against her family’s consent
  • Christiana Carteaux BannisterAmerican early entrepreneur and hairdresser