Bibical place-name

Marah Origin and Meaning

The name Marah is a girl's name .

Marah is where the Israelites camped right after they walked through the parted Red Sea. Marah is related to Mara and has the same "bitter" meaning.

Marah Popularity

Famous People Named Marah

  • Marah CollinsAmerican reality TV personality ("Kim of Queens")

Marah in Pop Culture

  • 'Gorsuch is my name, Marah Gorsuch.' 'Marah,' I said. 'What a funny name!' 'Is it?' he said grimly. 'It means bitter ,, bitter water, and I'm bitter on the tongue, as you may find.' [John Masefield, 'Jim Davis,' 1911]
  • Marah Lewischaracter on soap "Guiding Light"
  • MarahAmerican rock band