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Gender: F Pronunciation: mill-EH-na; mill-AY-na Meaning of Milena: "love, warmth, grace" Origin of Milena: Czech Milena's Popularity in 2015: #760

This popular name in various Slavic countries and in Italy holds considerable Continental appeal. It is the full name of Ukranian-born actress Mila Kunis, most noted for her award-winning role in the film Black Swan. Another actress bearing the name is Milena Govitch, of Law & Order.

Milena, which entered the US Top 1000 in 2012 (and is now Number 760 in 2015) is one of the top names in Poland. Short form Mila has been on the US list since 2006.

Famous People Named Milena

Milena, Queen of Montenegro, mother of Queen Elena, wife of King Viktor Emmanuel III of Italy
Milena "Mila" Kunis, Ukrainian-American actress
Milena Sharkova, Miss Bulgaria 2008
Milena Toscano, Brazilian actress and model
Milena Ceranic, Serbian singer
Milena Maria Rosner, Polish volleyball player
Milena Maria (Mila) Sadurek-Radecka, Polish volleyball player

Pop Culture References for the name Milena

Queen Milena of Tamarang, character in Terry Goodkind's fantasy series "The Sword of Truth"
Milena, a genus of skipper butterfly
Milena, Sicily - its name (1933) is a form of homage to the Queen Milena of Montenegro, the mother of the Queen Elena, wife of King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy
Letters to Milena, book by Franz Kafka

Millini, Milenny, Milanka, Mladena, Milini, Milenia, Miladena, Milka, Milada, Milana, Milène, Mlada, Mila