Gender: Female Pronunciation: mill-EH-na; mill-AY-na Meaning of Milena: "love, warmth, grace" Origin of Milena: Czech Milena's Popularity in 2019: #681

Milena Origin and Meaning

The name Milena is a girl's name of Czech origin meaning "love, warmth, grace".

This popular name in various Slavic countries and in Italy holds considerable Continental appeal. It is the full name of Ukranian-born actress Mila Kunis, most noted for her award-winning role in the film Black Swan. Another actress bearing the name is Milena Govitch, of Law & Order.

Milena is one of the top names in Poland.

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Rank in US: #681

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Famous People Named Milena

Pop Culture References for the name Milena

Milana, Mila, Miladena, Mladena, Milini, Milenia, Milanka, Milka, Milada, Milenny, Milène, Mlada, Millini


thisismylist Says:


1 in 50 is kind of optimistic. Maybe 1 in 5,000 lol

Milena Dos Santos Bendixen Says:


My name is Milena. It is actually of Latin-American origin and means little bird. It is not pronounced Mil-ay-na,, it is pronounced Mi-leh-na with no accent, it is supposed to flow off the tongue.

Milena Says:


The nameberry pronunciation guide is incorrect: In Czech and other slavic languages, the name is pronounced MIL-eh-na (with the accent on the first syllable). In Italian, they say mil-AY-na, with the accent on the second syllable. That's also how 99.99% of Americans pronounce the name upon first reading, although once told the correct pronunciation nearly everybody's response is "wow! That's beautiful!" Americans sometimes have a have a hard time with the pronunciation for some reason, which is when the nickname Millie comes in quite handy :)

Josie-Lee Harris Says:


Those of us who work in the medical field would never name a child Milena. Sounds too similar to malena, which is when a person has blood in their poos....
Think of the poor child. Even if only one in fifty people they meet know what malena means, it will make them embarrassed about their name.

kittylover777 Says:


I like both pronunciations, but personally I would go with Mill-ay-na because I am half dutch, love the nickname "Lena" pronounced "L-AY-na" and Lena is also a family name...

kittylover777 Says:


Milena Alexandria totally my first baby girl's name!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mila and Lena are awesome! Love it!

ValentinaV.S. Says:


That's my mom's name and I think it's lovely. I might use it one day if I have a daughter.

arr! Says:


I must say the pronunciation mill-AY-na is anglicized, in Czech language, nobody says it like that.

genevieve_emmanuelle Says:


I'm a nurse and I think of melena stools too when i hear this name.

LadyOh Says:


Disappointing to hear that. But I'm sure most people wouldn't think of that right away! Are you studying medicine or something health-related? Because that's really out there.

LadyOh Says:


I think if you live in the U.S., you can expect a lot of names to get transplanted from other cultures. That can especially be the case in most cities that aren't landlocked and/or are big urban centers.

As for myself, I don't come from a Slavic background, but I regard the name Milena highly on my list of names.

And the cool thing about slavic languages is that they are rooted in Latin and arguably even some Asian languages (think of Russia is basically in between Western Europe and the rest of Asia and the "Middle East") Countries like Russia, Czech Republic, Kazakshtan, Moldova, Bulgaria, et cetera are surrounded by linguistic influences from Italy (latin-based), Spain (also latin-based), China (far for some of these countries but history can tell you where exactly some languages got transplanted and re-configured), etc.

"Use-able" no matter what your family origin is. Very transcontinental too.

malloree Says:


I love this name, I just hate the way English speakers say it. It's not mil-ay-na. It's mil-eh-na. That's why I'd shorten it to Mila. Being Serbian-American, it's a gorgeous, not hard to pronounce name,

headintheclouds Says:


I had a huge name crush on Milena for the longest time, that has ebbed recently. I do still think the name is beautiful, and the meaning of the name is wonderful. It's a strong feminine name that doesn't seem too elaborate or frilly to me, and it has nickname options of Mila or Lena that I love. Still one of my top considerations for a future baby girl. My only concern is that it might sound odd on someone with a non-Slavic heritage background.

Caroline Says:


I love the meaning!!

mariahalyssa32115 Says:


I love this name pronounced mil-ay-na.

Mawby Says:


Melena is black faeces associated with bleeding from upper gastrointestinal tract....far too similar for me to be able to not associate the name to bloody poop. Otherwise it'd be a pretty name I'm sure!

Toni Riccardi-Dandrea Says:


This is my mom and my daughters name. It is also shorted to Millie :)

Guest Says:


I only like this name when it's pronounced the Russian way meelyena