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Gender: F Origin of Merrin: Variation of Merryn or Mirren, Cornish or Irish, meaning unknown

Is Merrin a real name or a melodic invention? Singer Bo Bice brought this merry name to the public's attention when he chose it for his daughter, but most reliable baby name sources don't list it. But there is a Cornish saint's name Merryn, thought to be a variation of the Irish Mirin or Mirren, and so we're going to call Merrin another twist on that ancient group of names.

Or you might think of Merrin as a spin on the more modern Merry and Marin.

Whatever its derivation, Merrin is both usual and accessible, an excellent combination, if a bit synthetic-feeling.

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Famous People Named Merrin

Merrin Dungey, American actress
Merrin Elizabeth Joy Bice (b. 2012), daughter of American singer Bo Bice

Pop Culture References for the name Merrin

Merrin Williams, character in "Horns" by Joe Hill
Merrin Gray, main character of the One Universe series by LeighAnn Kopans