"little dog"

Madigan Origin and Meaning

The name Madigan is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "little dog".

An unusual, energetic surname choice that would make a good Madison alternative. Madigan was a typical police detective series of the 1970s, starring Richard Widmark.

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Famous People Named Madigan

  • Madigan ShiveAmerican avant,garde musician
  • Amy MadiganAmerican actress

Madigan in Pop Culture

  • "Madigan" 1968 movie and later TV series
  • "Madigan Men" TV comedy series
  • Madicken (Margareta Engstrom)character in children's books by Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren
  • "Maddigan's Fantasia" Novel by Margaret Mahy and 2006 New Zealand TV adaptation "Maddigan's Quest"
  • Madigan Kinnickmadmaddie character of Internet Girls series by Lauren Myracle