AV-er-il, AV-ril
"boar battle"

Averil Origin and Meaning

The name Averil is a girl's name of English origin meaning "boar battle".

One of the rare English surname names originally derived from a female given name: Eoforhild (Everild), meaning "boar battle". Also spelled Averill, it's an extremely rare choice today, but shares sounds with fashionable Ava and Avery.

Famous People Named Averil

  • Averil Maureen Anita "Lana" MorrisEnglish actress
  • Averil Ivespseudonym for English romance writer Ida Pollock
  • Averil LeimonScottish psychologist and writer

Averil in Pop Culture

  • Averil Lesterheroine of "Averil's Atonement", a story written by Anne Shirley in "Anne of Avonlea" by L.M. Montgomery
  • Variations: AverildaAverill, Averilla, Avril, Everelda, Everell, Everil, Everild, Everilda, Everildis, Everill, etc.
  • A vernacular form of Everild (the name of a 7thcentury English saint); it survived for centuries in Yorkshire.