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Gender: M Meaning of Marshall: "one who looks after horses" Origin of Marshall: French Marshall's Popularity in 2016: #345

Marshall is an occupational surname, not having to do with anything military or martial, but stemming from the Norman French for someone caring for horses. It's been used as a first name since the nineteenth century and has been on the Social Security list since it started to publish its data in 1880. Marshall currently ranks at Number 345.

Marshall is the real name of rapper Eminem, and it got some attention during the heyday of communications maven Marshall McLuhan. Peyton Manning named his son Marshall, and Jason Segel played the character of Marshall Eriksen on How I Met Your Mother.

Famous People Named Marshall

Marshall Allman (born 1984), American actor
Marshall Bell (born 1942), American actor
Marshall Crenshaw (born 1953), American pop musician
Marshall Faulk (born 1973), American football player
Marshall Newhouse (born 1988), American football player
Marshall Holman (born 1954), American ten-pin bowler
Marshall Lancaster (born 1974), English actor
Marshall Kirk McKusick (born 1954), American scientist
Marshall Perron (born 1942), Australian politician
Marshall Rosenbluth (1927-2003), American physicist
Marshall Bruce Mathers III (born 1972), American rapper (professionally known as Eminem)
James Marshall "Jimi" Hendrix, American guitarist, singer, and songwriter
John Marshall (born 1775) extremely influential American chief justice of the Supreme Court
George Marshall (born 1880) famed American military leader in WWII
Marshall Ledbetter, a psychedelics enthusiast
Marshall Williams Manning (b. 2011), son of former American football quarterback Peyton Manning
Thurgood Marshall United States Supreme Court Justice

Pop Culture References for the name Marshall

Marshall Eriksen from the TV show "How I Met Your Mother"
Marshall's, department store
Marshall Lee Abadeer, gender-swapped version of Marceline on "Adventure Time"
Marshall Flinkman, character on TV's Alias
Marshall Islands, country in the central Pacific
Marshall University; university named after John Marshall in Huntington, WV
Marshall Mann, character on the TV series " In Plain Sight"

Marsh, Marischal, Marshal, Marshell, Marischall, Marchall