Gender: Female Meaning of Lux: "light" Origin of Lux: Latin

Lux Origin and Meaning

The name Lux is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "light".

This name of a character played by Kirsten Dunst in the movie Virgin Suicides, originally a novel by Jeffrey Eugenides, is gaining attention, also thanks to the heroine Lux, Lady of Luminosity in the League of Legends games. Luz is the Spanish version.

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private Says:


I do like this name, but I would definitely use it as a middle name. I just think its sounds better like that :)

CJ Says:


I’m surprised so many people like this name.

ericakatherine Says:


This name is the very epitome of white mum trying to be edgy. Big no from me.

Lizzy Lou Says:


So what? So prude-ish.

Lizzy Lou Says:


Why do you need to get your family's approval on YOUR child's name? So dumb.

Yuma Says:


I think that's exactly why it sounds cheap. Do Diamond or Crystal or Royal or Reign or Princess or Cash etc sound classy? I don't think so. Aspirational, but missing the mark. Just my opinion of course. Lux does have a nice meaning, but I dislike both the look and sound, personally. To each their own.

Baylis Says:


Isn’t ’lunae lumen’ Latin for moonlight?

Kat Says:


A friend of mine named her daughter Luna (moon) Lux (light) so - moon light. I think it's really pretty.

I'm a Banana Says:


I feel like this could be a nickname for Alexandra.

RoseGoldHeart Says:


Don't insult a name that other people like. Cheap? Lux-ury.

RoseGoldHeart Says:


Someone suggested Hadley Lux to me. Thank you that person.

Rasha Says:


That is a stunning sibset!

Daiseymae Says:


It only reminds me of soap.

actingfun Says:


This name should be pronounced like "Lukes", not "lucks".

mommaleta Says:


sounds like a stripper stage name

indiefendi2 Says:


We live in a world full of people named Max, so Lux should be JUST fine!! Both have the same place of origin, Latin.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Lucia, Lucy, Lucinda, etc, all mean "light".

ElenaCroatia Says:


If you pronounce it like it should be pronounced in Latin, it does not rhyme with sucks or fucks.

MelanieCora Says:


This name has grown on me over the years. It's short, sweet, and pretty, but strong sounding all at the same time. All around it's a great name with a great meaning!

MelanieCora Says:


There are many names that stemmed from Lux, Latin for light, that it can be a nickname for. Lucille, Lucy, Lucia, etc. for girls and Lucius for a boy.

lauren.deaton Says:


this is my dog's name!! :)

zenithstarr Says:


LOve love lOVE the name :)

Impwood Says:


In one way this name is really sweet, and I love the meaning, but in another way it makes me think of pampered luxury and overly-glittering "deluxe". I prefer Pax, or even Nox, if you don't find its meaning sombre.

EW314 Says:


Not a fan. It just sounds too much like a condom brand or a feminine hygiene product to me, though I can see the appeal.

RoddyThlayli Says:


I've been trying really hard to see this as a girl's name, but it sounds very masculine to me, and I find it hard to imagine on a girl. Not really sure why. Maybe because it sounds similar to Lex and Lucky.

Chelsea Raycove Says:


Yes, like Braum

Zelliew Says:


In Australia, Lux is a brand of soap

tangerinelatrine Says:


I like the name, but I feel like it has a sensual connotation, so I might hesitate before using it myself.

ellekaye Says:


I absolutely adore this name, it is currently on my "guilty pleasure" list, but it might actually make its way towards my regular list (very few names have done that)

luxDahlia Says:


that's so odd my name is Lux and my husband and some friends call me Lucy idk why.

luxDahlia Says:


that's a good thing lol

luxDahlia Says:


i think that is absolutely ridiculous ignorant kids raised by ignorant people can make fun of ANY name you shouldn't have to change to avoid the cruelty of the world.

chibiyui Says:


There are better names to take from LoL people. Keep looking.

HaileyJoan357 Says:


I don't really like this name. All I think about is a book series I read a long time ago. I'm sure I'd like the name if it weren't for that. Either way, I prefer Lucy.

mabespark Says:


I'm actually starting to like it. It sounds tomboyish and strong, effortlessly cool. I like it better as a nickname, though, for the rhyming reasons already stated below.

Taylee Says:


This is one of those names that I used to HATE but now I'm in LOVE with it.

jordalini Says:


I really like this name, it is short but sophisticated

Periberry Says:


i like it

Guest Says:


This name is so gorgeous but I just would have to get my family's seal of approval. Part of me feels like it's too short, if I had a full name for it I would use Lucia, Lumina, or some other L names. I love that this means "light"! It's such a cool name. 😍

maiapapaya Says:


I love this name, it's one of my top three! I'd love it in a sibset with Indigo "Indie" and Juniper "Juno".... I know someone who used the full name 'Lucille' for their daughter with Lux as a nickname, which is nice as it gives them more options :)

JessicaRose Says:


I also think Lux in the context of "lux" items/lifestyle. Falls into the naming your kid Prada or Lexus category for me.

DearestJules Says:


But then, Liv has the full name option of Olivia, and Lux doesn't have that.

sashapizzarova Says:


that's exactly what I was thinking!

DearestJules Says:


If Liv works, why not Lux?

DearestJules Says:


But that's not a bad thing.

MaryKathryn Says:


I like this name a lot! I think I would use it as a middle name. My best friend loves the name Darcy Lux.

Amylee235 Says:


I LOVE this name. Named my daughter Lux Rose. So cute and stylish, suits her perfectly.

caroblaise Says:


I know many people love this name, but when I hear it, all I can think of is "deluxe" and "luxury".

obow Says:


That's my concern too. Especially cause our surname is pronounced 'back'. Everything sounds bad with it, but we love Lux... Would you let the rhyming stop you, or just say kids will be kids and they will find something no matter what your name is?

bori564 Says:


My only problem with this name is that Lux rhymes with sucks and fucks. Please excuse the language but I'm so concerned that it could cause teasing, especially in middle school and as an older child. I love the name so much but this worries me. I'm conflicted. Any thoughts?

Guest Says:


I think this name is so cool, especially even just used as a nickname

HeartShaped Says:


I prefer this beautiful name for a boy, I don't find it as appealing for girls, maybe because it makes me think of the powerful, very male archangels.

bori564 Says:



raevynstar Says:


To the person who hates it:
It's pretty and not cheap at all to me, but I respect your opinion. :)

katieydenberg Says:


I HATE IT. Sounds cheap & XXX.

rainierloner Says:


I actually love this name a lot! It's short, to the point, and has an interesting meaning. Love this name for a little girl. :)