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Gender: M Meaning of Ludwig: "famous warrior" Origin of Ludwig: German

As heavy as a marble bust of Beethoven.

Famous People Named Ludwig

Ludwig I, King of Bavaria
Ludwig II (Ludwig Otto Friedrich Wilhelm), King of Bavaria
Ludwig van Beethoven, German composer
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Austrian-British philosopher
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, German-American architect
Ludwig von Mises, Austrian-American philosopher
Ludwig Knorr, German chemist
Ludwig Quidde, German pacifist, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize
Ludwig Feuerbach, German philosopher
Heinz Ludwig Ansbacher, German/American psychologist
Alexander Ludwig, Canadian actor

Pop Culture References for the name Ludwig

Ludwig, the personification of Germany in the manga/anime "Axis Powers: Hetalia"
Ludwig von Drake, duck professor in Disney cartoons

Ludo, Ludovic, Ludovico