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Gender: Male Meaning of Lucifer: "light-bearer" Origin of Lucifer: Latin

Lucifer Origin and Meaning

The name Lucifer is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "light-bearer".

Lucifer is the name of the archangel cast into hell -- theologians disagree on whether he and Satan are separate beings -- and as such has long been on the forbidden list for religious parents. Still banned in New Zealand, Lucifer is occasionally used in the contemporary U.S.: Six boys were given the name in the most recent year counted.

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QueenieGuldbaek Says:


Even Lucy might be a better choice!

Griffin Says:


I think it's usable as a middle name

Sky85 Says:


Lucifer is not even the name of Satan, it is Heylel. Christian's just used Lucifer because of it's Latin meaning. Lucifer is the name of one of the Roman Star Gods, known as the light bringer (aka the morning star). It's a lovely name and people shouldn't be scared to use it. It was a borrowed name that Christian's abused the meaning of. Use it if you love it!

gendrong Says:


Hi! I hope you're active on this to follow up to my question, but I was wondering about how the name is holding up now?
I absolutely love the name and want to use it for when I have a son, but I'm hesitant because as I'm sure you know, people can be steadfast in their ways. If your son is in school, how do you handle that/has there been any problems? Also thank you for not taking anyones bs and following through with the name, it's very encouraging!

I'm Dakota Says:


I don't like this name either but it is not okay to treat someone poorly because of their name.

Kaylon O. Centres Says:


People are raised right everyday and still make bad decisions, still become murderers, rapists, thieves, adulterers, etc.

Annaaaa Says:


If you’re Christian I wouldn’t recommend this name because the Kid might get teased in a Catholic School.

NykkiJo Says:


I don't believe in fictional stories, but I wouldn't name a girl Ophelia, etc. It's just a bad association when there are so many other beautiful names, you know?

NykkiJo Says:


Then you gave him a cool name to leave on his calling card!

AsherS Says:


So you would force your child to avoid someone, judge the possibly not religious parents, refuse a job to them, and take the child from a loving household all because of their name? And yet you'd hire a "Nutella"? Lucifer is an entirely acceptable name. I actually know a guy named Lucifer, and he's one of the coolest guys I know. Sure, people think his name is weird, but no one is THAT judgemental that they want him to have no friends, no job, and no biological parents to look up to. So, in short, stop being a douche nugget, and learn to be more accepting of people.

AsherS Says:


But heres the thing. Why would that happen? If he was raised right it shouldnt. Just because his name is Lucifer doesnt mean he'll grow up to be a bad person ????

Kaylon O. Centres Says:


What happens if your son grows to become a ruthless murderer or rapist?

nora.rosenberg Says:


It's the source of all evil. Such figures can be found in many religions. But not using it is simply a matter of respect

Eliane Says:


Adolf is another case because it was someone who really existed and killed millions and everyone knows about Adolf Hitler while Lucifer is just a religious figure.

nora.rosenberg Says:


We don't force anyone. There are just some names that are offensive to the human race in general. One of them is Lucifer. Another example is Adolf

nora.rosenberg Says:


I believe that lack of respect is worse

Judgmental or not, it's offensive, at least for believers of a specific religion. It's not the name of a bad character or an evil person, it's the name used for the source of anything evil. It's way too much

Eliane Says:


*Sigh* Judgmental people like you are the reason why society as a whole will never be able to evolve.

KaiLun Says:


I think Shithead is far worse than Lucifer

deusvult Says:


Please don't do this to your kid. It's not even a nice name.

Sully9 Says:


Please dont do this.

SumiSum Says:


I would use it for a book character but for I child they'd probably get bullied -not only about the devil but also how similar it is to the girl version 'Lucy'. To me it reminds me of a pure white flower on, perhaps, a pond with shining sun beams reflecting on the surface. And, as another person wrote here, he was gods right hand man and only satan is his evil name

Tammy Tim-Tam (Timmy Tammy) Says:


Zou ik ook niet in Vlaanderen terug vinden. Maar in het Engels vindt ik het wel een heel mooie naam. Lucifer in het Nederlands zou natuurlijk niet gaan, maar in het Engels vindt ik het een van de mooiste namen voor een kleine jongen.

Cherilyn Says:


Unusable, might once of had a beautiful meaning, but not anymore. I'm a Christian and been taught that Lucifer/Satan are the same. Lucifer before he challenged God, Satan when he fell. Lucifer/Satan to me has a strong image of ungratefulness, jealousy, deceitful behavior, rebellion against his own creator, bringing death. Not something to put on anyone.

Tammy Tim-Tam (Timmy Tammy) Says:


Or as the evil Satan angel from hell.

paulapuddephatt Says:


It's not a usable name, to me, because of the associations, but by sound alone, it would make a beautiful female name. I mean, Lucy for short, with the ending that many parents must have loved, judging by the number of girls/women out there called Jennifer...!!!

Greybank Says:


I love this name. Lucifer is such a strong name , despite the negative connotations. If anything, naming your child Lucifer will teach them a lot about human perspective and defying stereotypes. Who even cares if Lucifer is associated with the Devil? Religion isn't everything, you shouldn't miss out on an absolutely amazing name just because you are too afraid that all the church goers are going to think your child is a demon.

Deurklinkje Says:


I can only think about matches.

Maroeschka Bode Says:


In Dutch lucifer means matchstick.
Where are the matches = waar zijn de lucifers.
Also the bringer of light...... weird to be called matchstick though.
In the Netherlands (where we speak Dutch) I have not yet come across this name.

nipnerb Says:


If I don't believe in the devil, I doubt my child would.

nipnerb Says:


I am an atheist, and I, personally, would not object to using this as a name. I have no connection to the bible, and thus no bad connection to this name. Except matches. (In many languages, matches are "lucifers"). Naming your kid after matches, that's just weird.

Rebecca Schminky Says:


Why not use this name?

Rebecca Schminky Says:


Only if you let them be unusable.

Rebecca Schminky Says:


Then again that would be like hiding it.

Rebecca Schminky Says:


Such a shame that a beautiful name like this is casted over by such a dark shadow. Good thing it bears light. Haha! I would name my child this but probably as a middle name.

Judas Syal Says:


I would totally name my son Lucifer.

S.V Says:


How is this still a name?

Hylian Wizard Says:


You are forgiven. The comment was quite impulsive and foolish. I don't even agree with it anymore. Back then, I wrote whatever I thought would get me the most attention. Like I said, this is my newer account and I'm aiming to be more laidback and think before I write!

snowsbeloved Says:


I'm glad you changed your mind! Sounds like life is more positive for you now :)

cabosanmucus Says:


I'd turn into Katie Hopkins on this one. My kid would NOT be playing with a child called Lucifer, I would absolutely judge the parents, and I would never hire someone named Lucifer if I saw it on a job application. I'd hire Nutella and Moon Unit before a Lucifer! This mess should be banned. The child should be taken away and the courts should get involved.

Hylian Wizard Says:


I would not name my child Lucifer. Nor would I encourage it. That was me that posted that comment, by the way. I was really messed up back then. I no longer use that account for comments.

Impwood Says:


Yes, there is a big difference between a mythological demon (especially a demon who only is a demon by some sources) and the Devil. I personally consider Lucifer a mythological character and separate from the Devil, but many people don't. I would hate to grow up with a name connected to the Devil (I'll remind you, the personification of all evil) even if I didn't believe in it, and I think anybody considering naming their child this, whether they believe in Lucifer, Satan or anything at all or not, should take that into account.

Wezzyfish Says:


With a son named Lucifer, I can tell you that many people suggested we name him something else, or some other Luc type name, but that isn't what we wanted. I wasn't okay with naming him Lucian or Lucius to appease the masses or to skirt around the controversy. My wife and I both felt that Lucifer was the name of our son and so we saddled him with it. You only get to name so many kids in your life and so we did not take the decision lightly, nor did we want to feel pressured by anyone else. To us, Lucifer is a beautiful name that deserves to have honor restored to it. Our son is a bringer of light to our world and such a happy, healthy kid that loves to snuggle and always has a ready smile. There is nothing evil in him, just as we feel there is nothing evil in the name. The name means beautiful things but honestly we DID name him after the mythical character. Lucifer was god's top angel, the most beautiful of them. He was the angel of light, music, self-expression, critical thought and free will. These are things that are of the utmost importance to us and that I want my son to get out of life more than anything else. People here are saying it is unusable or unreasonable, but I beg to differ. My beautiful son is proof that such a name can be carried with pride and honor.

Wezzyfish Says:


I have a daughter named Lilith and a son named Lucifer. My wife and I love both names for the rebellious nature of them but also because we think they are beautiful. Honestly, we have received more flack for Lucifer than for Lilith, which I think is completely ridiculous, but honestly the bulk of the trouble we have received for Lucifer is in people thinking he will get picked on or something, and not because they actually hate the name. He is still under a year old, but so far 90% of people's response to his name is positive, and that other 10% hasn't held it against him or anything. Typically they will just give a strange look and ask, "why?". I love the name and I love my son. I never named him Lucifer to punish him or make life hard. Life is hard anyway. I named him Lucifer because the name is strong and beautiful and I want my son to be a shining light in the world and to be true to himself above all else.

Zelliew Says:


Some names are totally unusable

Raven Says:


I would 100% use this its a fine name and if it means anything Im an atheist

eveyalecia Says:


I agree with some of the other commenters-- no matter your own personal feelings on this name, it's irresponsible to saddle a child with such a contentious name that they'll have to go through their life with (or at least until/if they change their name). Naming a child is most importantly about the CHILD's life and identity... not about a parent getting to pick anything they want.

All that said, while I am Christian and have personally been taught that Lucifer and Satan are the same entity, I can see why people like this name. However, for the child's sake, I would choose one of the other Luc- names instead.

HeyItsAvery12 Says:


Lucifer is such a beautiful name. I mean, Lucifer and Satan are different names, right?

katycats Says:


I know right but it sound beautiful name... but.. im Christian.. no one shouldn't name Lucifer for there kids name but.. end up getting teased.

summersnow Says:


I personally wouldn't use Lilith, just because I don't like the name. But, I think the reason Lucifer gets more hate than Lilith is because it's more widely known. Also, outside of pagan/wiccan religions most people don't believe Lilith actually existed. Her story isn't in the Bible and I don't know a single Christian who believes Lilith was real. From what I could find online, she originated in Jewish folklore but not even many Jews actually believe Lilith existed. Perhaps this is also why Lilith isn't seen as badly as Lucifer. Also, the fact that actually being Satan is worse than just being a whore or a demon. Apparently most wiccans and pagans who believe in her don't even really believe she was a demon. I think a lot of the feminist support for Lilith comes from them. At the end of it, of course no one can stop you from naming your son Lucifer but even if I loved the name, I wouldn't just for the kid's sake.

summersnow Says:


Even if you're not a Christian and have no opinions on this name, just don't do it for the kid's sake. Your kid is probably going to resent you their whole life for associating them with the devil and probably will even end up just going by a different name or even changing their name because they hate it so much.

indiefendi2 Says:


So ironic that a name that means "light" sounds so dark and evil. But I feel the same way about Luna tbh.

indiefendi2 Says:


It was me that made the comment. I think it was on CNN if my recollection is correct. I like the look of Luciano but I don't really care for the sound. I just think Lucifer will get the death glare everytime he meets somebody so I'd never use it. I'd name my kid Pontius Pilate before Lucifer.

Sorceress Says:


I heard someone called kid Lucifer, here in Croatia, but it's just a rumor. Lucius and Lucian are also on my list, and I also though of adding Lucier (one surname) to my list.

alexandra mae Says:


I know a child named Lucifer and they call him "Lou." I don't mind the meaning at all behind it, because I'm not religious, loved learning Latin, and think obedience is overrated (plus, I always like to have a chance to prove ignorant people wrong!) but I'm not sure I would want this name for myself, so I can't see why I would give it to someone else. It comes with a ton of baggage, unfortunately. It sounds more like a pet name, to be honest. Lucius is great. That's on my list, along with Lucian.

Isn't the Lilith, first wife of Adam, from Jewish lore? I don't think Lilith in the context you mention above (demon whore???) is as widely known as Lucifer.

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


So... Lilith is a powerful femininst symbol which Nameberry encourages the use of, but Lucifer (teaching us the meaning of free will, inner-strength and showing us the power of forging our own paths) is considered a no-go? Sorry, but I ain't buying it. If a little girl named Lilith, with the connotations of a demon whore backing her, can do all right in life, then I think a little boy named Lucifer should be just fine. Though I wouldn't expect either to be hired by religous companies but, let's face it, in today's society that's not exactly limiting, is it?

Overall, definitely a name I'd consider for a son - along with Lucius...

greateridea Says:


As a past Goth, I must say the name Lucifer is not Goth. A Goth is a person who isn't evil, nor do they promote it. They simply don't believe in hiding from it, or death. They take delight in their family trees, their black clothing, and their religious jewelry. No! We do not where satanic crosses, nor do we go to their churches. We are not depressed, suicidal, or evil. That's Emo/ Vampire, and Satanic. Remember, anyone can be a Goth; even a Christian. The Holy Orthodox church has many of them. The head of my church's alter boys section wears his black hair with a pink strip down the side. Also, you forgot Arthur, and Alexandra.

KLGG88 Says:


I will not try to guess the news channel, but please stop watching whatever news it is that you watch. No child name Lucifer has been taken away by CPS. A child named "Adolf Hitler" certainly was. CPS investigates and removes children who are in abusive or negligent environments. Naming a child "Adolf Hitler" fits in that criteria. Lucifer only does for some Christians. I really shouldn't have to explain to you that Adolf Hitler is a real person, and Lucifer is just a name. I am going to assume that you realize the difference. There is just no comparison.

With that said, I do agree that naming a child Lucifer, while I feel it is a beautiful name, is just not reasonable. There are similar forms of names that have the Luc/Loosh sound... Lucian is my favorite.

jori Says:


XD you sound like my friend....... anyway I LOVE DEVIL IS A PART TIMER

Guest Says:


Even if Lucifer and Satan are apparently different or whatever the logic is behind naming a human this--WHY would anyone name their kid anything related to the Devil?! I don't care if you're religious or not. People WILL RIDICULE your child for this. Not everyone is as liberal as you all are. I would stay far far away from anyone named this. The negative connotation is too strong. From what I know from the news and things like that is kids named Lucifer or Hitler get taken away by Child Protective Services and parents lose custody of their kids because apparently they're not of sound mind. Sounds about right to me.

Everild Says:


I love it because I personally view it as a beautiful, timeless classic. I also see it as a moral name; teaching us not to be so prideful but also encouraging within us, critical thinking, intelligence and reason. The character himself also shows us never to bow down to a single power
or authority figure mindlessly and, in the face of such adversary, to retain independent thought and free will.

And for those of you who would say that one cannot name one's child after the Devil - let me put it to you now that this is not the case. Lucifer and Satan are two separate entities, linked together by a single translation error found only in the King James Bible. But even if they were the same; so what? Christians can stay away from this name if they so choose but as for the rest of us, surely the name should be given a chance?

Urushihara Says:


honestly would name my kid this

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I am a Christian but I have never heard Lucifer as a name for Satan. I would never make the connection. It's not like you're outright naming your kid Satan or Devil. While I personally don't find the name appealing, it isn't too bad. I first heard it on Cinderella s cat in a Disney movie!

kitchi1 Says:


I honestly really like this name. It is very beautiful. But it would be horrible to name your child this. Worse than the urban legend, "Shithead".

LadyVanRaven Says:


Sigh. Lovely, handsome, strong name. It's such a shame since I really don't picture the devil upon hearing this (I am a person that believes Lucifer and Satan to be completely different people). I think when/if I ever have a son, I might do something to squeeze Lucifer into his name somehow. I just love the name too much to completely pass on it. It would make a good never-to-be-said-out-loud-in-front-of-strangers middle name (or maybe even a nickname? I was thinking of using Lucius as a first name and calling him Lucifer every once in a while since there is a close connection). It makes me even more frustrated since I am not Christian and still have to go along with what the faith has labeled this name as...even though I have a completely different opinion. I do envy the people who have had the courage to go along and name their sons Lucifer...but unfortunately I will never be one of them.

Giinkies Says:


Such a beautiful name that is beyond unusable.