Gender: Male Meaning of Llewellyn: "leader's image" Origin of Llewellyn: Welsh, variation of Llywelyn

Llewellyn Origin and Meaning

The name Llewellyn is a boy's name of Welsh origin meaning "leader's image".

Llewellyn/Llywelyn is a common patriotic first name in Wales, with its distinctive Welsh double LL's; in the U.S. Llewellyn would make a daring choice, though with the chance that some might find the ellen sound slightly feminine.

Two princes who played a great role in the medieval Welsh quest for independence were Llewelyn Fawr (Llewelyn the Great) and Llywelyn yr Olaf (Llywelyn the Last).

Llewelyn Moss is a major character in Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men, played on screen by Josh Brolin.

Llewellyn, which can be spelled in a number of ways, has some appealing, if quirky, short forms as well--Llew, Lleu and Llelo.

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ParanoidAndroid Says:


An odd choice, but could definitely work. For Americans, having to pronounce and write this name might be too painstaking.

Fluffykitten101 Says:


Oh it didn't take me long to learn it, and I think it sounds cool the Welsh way.

kitchi1 Says:


It is so hard for an English person to pronounce this the correct Welsh way. I have given up and will be avoiding this name now...ha!

headintheclouds Says:


To this day, I'm still unsure that I'm pronouncing the name right whenever I think/say it (lew-ell-inn?), but I love it! Back in my Welsh name-loving stage, I found Llewellyn to be such a fascinating name- strong and regal and folk-hero grand-sounding with rich roots in history and a wonderful meaning, and just the ultimate cool name.

KLGG88 Says:


Proper pronunciation: Hloo-el-lin... it took me years of living in Wales to master the "ll" sound. Double L = "hhhlll"... if that even makes sense.

Illabeth Says:


It is almost impossible for speakers of English to pronounce this name correctly as the Ll phoneme in Welsh has no equivalent in English (it is exclusive to Welsh) the closest would be a voiceless palatal fricative (or the h as in hue). In Welsh it is an aspirated l, while at the same time making a hard th sound and kinda hissing.

The original name was spelt Llywelyn (the ll is a distinct 'letter' in Welsh, and that is why the ll sound does not appear in the middle of the word, due to it originally being spelt with one l in the centre, the double ll in the centre reflects the Anglicised pronunciation of ell) and all forms are pronounced something like Hloo-ell-in/ Hew-ell-in (the fist part is like an H with an sh sound underneath it, so the H(sh) is pretty much said at the same time), it's an impossible sound for people to make if they did not lean Welsh phonemes as an infant.

The Anglicised pronunciation is Lew-ell-in.

JD Says:



Illabeth Says:


It's seriously hard, as the ll in Welsh has no English equivalent sound. A rough interpretation is something like Hloew-ell-in, but as I said, that h sound we use in English (a voiceless palatal fricative) is not an accurate representation of the ll sound in Welsh (which is a combination of an aspirated l while at the same time making a hard th sound and kinda hissing at the same time), but unless you grow up speaking Welsh it's just not a phoneme we have (in fact it's exclusive to Welsh). Originally spelt Llywelyn, which is why it doesn't have the second hissing l sound in the middle.

Here is a Welshman pronouncing it:

Many English speakers pronounce it Lew-ell-in, simply cause it's easier. Haha.

kiki18 Says:


how is this pronounced?

lesliemarion Says:


I think Llewellyn is a wonderful name: strong and manly but soft and poetic. The Welsh know how to do names. It's heartening to see it appear more on name berry.