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Gender: M Meaning of Llewellyn: "leader's image" Origin of Llewellyn: Welsh, variation of Llywelyn

Llewellyn/Llywelyn is a common patriotic first name in Wales, with its distinctive Welsh double LL's; in the U.S. Llewellyn would make a daring choice, though with the chance that some might find the ellen sound slightly feminine.

Two princes who played a great role in the medieval Welsh quest for independence were Llewelyn Fawr (Llewelyn the Great) and Llywelyn yr Olaf (Llywelyn the Last).

Llewelyn Moss is a major character in Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men, played on screen by Josh Brolin.

Llewellyn, which can be spelled in a number of ways, has some appealing, if quirky, short forms as well--Llew, Lleu and Llelo.

Famous People Named Llewellyn

Llewellyn Herbert, South African Olympic sprinter
Llewellyn Atkinson, Australian MP
Llewellyn Thompson, U.S. diplomat
Llewellyn Powers, American politician, 44th governor of Maine
Llewellyn Thomas, British physicist
Llewellyn Lloyd, Welsh rugby player

Pop Culture References for the name Llewellyn

Davy Llewellyn, character in 'The Maid of Sker' by R. D. Blackmore
McKenna "Mac" Llewellyn Taylor, character on 'CSI: NY'
Dr. Llewellyn Francis, character from CBC's "Murdoch Mysteries"
Detective Llewellyn Watts, character from CBC's "Murdoch Mysteries"