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Gender: Female Meaning of Khloe: "young green shoot" Origin of Khloe: Variation of Chloe Khloe's Popularity in 2017: #137

The name Khloe is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "young green shoot". Khloe is ranked #137 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Names That Mean New Beginnings and discussed in our forums with posts like "Chance Lots of Multiples".

From the experts:

Khloe's a variation of the popular Chloe, thanks to reality star Karshadian of the K-named family. Khloe jumped a whopping 101 places into 2009's Top 100 and peaked at 42 in 2010 but has declined in popularity in recent years.

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Famous People Named Khloe

Khloe Alexandra Kardashian, American reality TV personality
Khloe Evans, English reality TV personality
Khloe Madisyn Maes (b. 2015), daughter of reality TV personality Joey Maes

Pop Culture References for the name Khloe

Khloe Kinsella, of the Canterwood Series by Jessica Buckhart.


Kaylon O. Centres Says:


Detestable name, whether it is spelled with a C or a K.

Thepandaprincess223 Says:


I am actually starting to prefer Khloe over Chloe. Not because of Khloe kardashian but because there is something about the k instead of the c which gives it an emphasis. If Chloe is an perfectly acceptable name, than why not Khloe? Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with Chloe, I happen to like the name, but I personally prefer Khloe.

TheSlothPrincess Says:


I actually like this spelled with a K. I think it has a "cool" factor to it that is not too silly or trendy. I have met a couple of Khloes who were born before the Kardashians became popular, so I don't think it will necessarily be associated with them.

indiefendi2 Says:


Why would anyone name their kid after Khloe Kardashian? seriously.

gummybear0724 Says:


It looks clunky and unatractive.

lesliemarion Says:


Khloe rose and Khloe will fall. Personally, it makes me itch.

jordalini Says:


I am in complete agreement, this drives me nuts.

Analia Says:


I agree, the only C/K names I can tolerate is Catherine/Katherine, Christina/Kristina or Cara/Kara. But Klaire, Khloe, Kora, not really my taste

other than that, just keep it to C

Guest Says:


I tolerate this on Khloe Kardashian but anyone else I hate this spelling. I generally hate all C to K names (though I have one myself lol).

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I like Khloe with a K better than Chloe with a C. I in no way "keep up" with the Kardashians. I just saw the K spelling somewhere and liked it.

CocoWhite Says:


The power of pop culture these days... It's amazing what one celebrity namesake can do for a baby name.