Gender: Female Meaning of Katrina: "pure" Origin of Katrina: German variation of Katherine

Katrina Origin and Meaning

The name Katrina is a girl's name of German origin meaning "pure".

The hurricane blew this one out of the realm of possibility.

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Katrin, Katrice, Katriona, Katri, Katrinia, Katreen, Kat, Cat, Kattrina, Katuska, Katreena, Katryn, Katrine, Katrene, Katrien, Trina,


mrs_anton_yelchin1990 Says:


It's unfortunate you're being bullied over your name. But I bet its coming from people who lived through it. I dont think it would be the same for children being born all these years later as their peers wouldnt necessarily know about it...or at least it wouldnt have the same cultural impact on them.

Renee5322 Says:


That decline after 2005 tho.
And I honestly feel like this name is usable again. Maybe the Catrina spelling would be better, though.

K_Marie_0307 Says:


I live in Kentucky and my name is Katrin and I still get made fun of it almost 15 years after the Hurricane

K_Marie_0307 Says:


I am named Katrina and I still get made fun of my name. Every single time I meet someone new they, at the very least, bring it up. I usually get made fun of it when I meet someone new and it’s almost 15 years later

K_Marie_0307 Says:


As someone who is named Katrina I love the name but I would never name my child it. Every year when I meet new people they bring it up and some even going as far to call me a disgrace to this earth because of my name. I have been called a murderer and have been told I have ruined so many people’s lives just because of my name. Please think carefully before you name your child this. I would hate for them to get bullied for it. And please don’t think “People won’t remember it in a few years” it has been 15 years since the hurricane and I still get made fun of it

TechnoKitten Says:


It's sad that this once top 100 name died out just because of the name of the hurricane,

Kaylon O. Centres Says:


The description is disrespectful and tacky. Katrina is a beautiful, stylish, elegant name with real meaning; I may be biased because I have a cousin with this name but it's not too common a name and I wouldn't hesitate to use it for a daughter.

Yara Says:


Why take naming a child Katrina personally? It's just a name. With your logic, no one should be allowed to name their kids Andrew, Isaac, and Maria either, since those were also devastating hurricanes.

sunshinexoxo Says:


This is a nice name. I do like it spelled with a C better than a K. Regardless, I don't think of he hurricane when I hear this name until I read the comments.

Cormorant Says:


I still like Katrina. Then again, I also still like Isis, and look where that is going.

Iss831 Says:


My dad wanted to give me the name Lyndsey Katrina. My siblings and I all have unique names. I think it's a nice name but my mom ended up picking something different.

Scorpio Says:


I can see it being a big deal in the States, but up here in Canada most people won't make the connection.

paulapuddephatt Says:


It seems unfair to say that we can never use a name again because a hurricane was called after it. People choose the names of the hurricanes. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but it doesn't entirely make sense. So, if they want to take a top 10 name out of circulation, do they reserve it for the next hurricane? I like Katrina, and the shortened forms Kat and Trina.

NerdyRey Says:


I know someone who got named Katrina BECAUSE of the hurricane She thinks it is a beautiful name but still goes by Kat for sake of time and effort

Floris Says:


And I do think that outside the US nobody would think in any way of the hurricane... At least I did not think of it until I read NB's description...

NerdyNameGeek Says:


Hurricane Katrina was waay worse than Isaac...

NerdyNameGeek Says:


This is a pretty name... shame that they named the hurricane Katrina...

Catrinabl Says:


My name is Catrina, I lived in south Florida when the hurricane hit there. I worked as a waitress and had to introduce myself to a lot of strangers. I heard a lot of jokes about my name then, like "oh no watch out for her ", or some people called me the hurricane. It was a little annoying at first but 10 years later I rarely have anyone comment about the hurricane any more. If they do I just joke back like ," yeah don't make me mad". I know its associated with destruction and tragedy but I try to turn it into strength and power.
I love my name and its meaning. If someone wants to use it and is still worried about the association Katerina is a good option too.

Raia_Smith Says:


Give this name another decade and I think it'll be back in again.
Heck, it might even be a way to honor the city of New Orleans!
Katrina wasn't just a natural disaster. Katrina was (and still is) a story about a
resilient city bouncing back after a devastating loss.

Purplekismet Says:


While I definitely understand the decline in usage after the hurricane, I still think the description should also nod to the beauty and history of the name, since it's awfully dismissive of those of us considering bringing it back! My husband's Russian family doesn't make the same association

otheralix Says:


I definitely think of the Hurricane whenever I hear this name, despite having friends named Katrina. I think everyone should. It may have been a decade ago but people still aren't able to go back to their homes and places are not built back up. Katrina will need more time. I think the next generation has a chance of revival but I'd seriously sideeye anyone I know if they use(d) this name. Unless it's very important to them, I'd honestly probably think differently of them.

pamsatran Says:


It's not Nameberry's opinion that's keeping people from using this name. Hurricane Katrina hit in August of 2005, and if you look at the popularity graph you'll see that usage dropped sharply in 2006 and only kept going down, with Katrina falling off the Top 1000 completely in 2012. After a decade, not everyone thinks of the hurricane first, but many people do (and if you don't believe me, post the question on your Facebook page!). That said, there were still 230 girls named Katrina in 2014, which puts it right beneath the Top 1000. In the next generation, it may recover.

Amber Renee Says:


My sister was named Katrina before the hurricane hit and when it did she was very small. She got some very crude "jokes" for the first two or three years after the hurricane, but now most peole don't even connect the two when she introduces herself. She loves her name, she occasionally goes by Kat and our fathers pet name for her is Katrina Marina.

beeba Says:


I think Katrina is a very beautiful and usable name. It's been many many years since hurricane Katrina and other hurricanes such as Sandy have replaced the public's attention. Katrina shall have her day again.

Bobcat108 Says:


I do think that NB needs to update the description of's been almost a decade since the hurricane. My guess is that for most people outside of those in New Orleans & the surrounding areas, the name Katrina doesn't immediately evoke the hurricane (my first thought when I hear Katrina is the girl who bullied me in elementary school). And Hurricane Andrew in Florida in 1992, which caused huge amounts of damage, didn't stop Andrew from being one of the more popular boys' names of the last two decades.

John Northey Says:


The advantage of the hurricane is my daughter (3 months old) will now have a fairly unique name in her class when she gets to school. My name (John) is very common so I had a John beside me in school plus we had a Sean, a Shawn, a Dawn, and a Don. Talk about confusion! But my Katrina will never doubt when her name is called (or not called) while still having a beautiful name.

Dspisces1407 Says:


This is such a beautiful name and I love it! Why should the hurricane effect in in a negative way! I guess that the only upside would be that you would be the only Katrina in class! Beautiful name!!

Guest Says:


My mom wanted to name me Katrina. I didn't like that name as a kid and especially when the hurricane happened I was like oh hell nooooo. But now I think it's so pretty but I prefer the Catrina. You can call her Katie like Katie Price or Trina like my older friend Katrina. The hurricane happened almost 10 years ago! It's not like this is Adolf! I think a baby Katrina could probably handle people bringing up the hurricane every so often but it doesn't take away from the beauty of the name!

raevynstar Says:


....people still use Isaac and no one freaks out! The hurricane shouldn't stop people from using this name.