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Gender: Female Origin of Kara: Norse mythology name Meaning of Cara: Latin, Italian, Irish, Spanish, and Portuguese, "dear; friend; face" Kara's Popularity in 2017: #515

The name Kara is a girl's name of Irish, Latin, Norse origin. Kara is ranked #515 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Kool K Baby Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Change One Letter".

From the experts:

Kara peaked in the 1980s but remains more popular than the Cara variant. In Norse mythology, was a Valkyrie, lover of Helgi, who charmed his enemies in battle by enchanting them with song.

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Famous People Named Kara

Kara Hayward, American actress
Kara Elizabeth DioGuardi, American singer-songwriter
Kara Elizabeth Drew aka Cherry, American pro wrestler
Kara Janét Edwards, American voice actress and radio personality
Kara Lord, Miss Guyana Universe 2011
Kara Louise Tointon, English actress
Kara Walker, American collage artist
Kara Lynn Lindsay, American actress
Kara Killmer, American actress
Kara Janx, South African Project Runway contestant
Kara Saun, American Project Runway contestant

Pop Culture References for the name Kara

Kara Thrace aka Starbuck, main character on TV's "Battlestar Galactica"
Kara Danvers aka Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl, Superman's cousin
Kara Bannister, character in movie "The Dog Who Saved Christmas"
Kara Leary, character in video game "The Sims 3" Moonlight Bay
Kara Souders, character on TV's "The Red Band Society"
Kara, Barbie doll character
Kara the Jungle Princess, character in Exciting Comics
Kara Tatiana "KT", character in TV's "House of Anubis"
Kara, character in the game "Detroit: Become Human"

Karrah, Carita, Cara, Karalie, Karalee, Karah, Kera, Karrie, Kaira, Kari, Carina, Kairah, Karina, Karra, Karalea, Karine, Karita


Kellen_Claire Says:


Love Kara. It makes me think of Kara Zor El aka Supergirl!

bordercollie Says:


I love both Kara and Cara, as well as Kira, Keira, etc. They're all such simple, pretty names.

TheSlothPrincess Says:


Really like the name Kara, it sounds smart and friendly!

shelbynh Says:


Love the meaning behind this name!

AlexandriaJ Says:


I have heard Kara (Care-uh) and Cara (Car-ah) pronounced two different ways is there a preferred pronunciation?

amberann2002 Says:


My daughter is named Kara and I've always gotten a lot of compliments on it. Plus my hubs and I love it (which really is all that matters!). I do find she initially gets mistaken for Kiera a lot, though!

taliawhat Says:


Kara is a name and spelling variant first and foremost, whereas, like peacebird10 pointed out, Cara stands on its own in terms of roots and meaning. I don't think Kara is bad, but Cara seems fresher, less trendy and unexpected and a bit friendlier. Stronger appearance to me as well, less teenage-girl.

Dspisces1407 Says:


I don't understand how nameberry seems to dislike this spelling but loves the Cara spelling. Like what?!

peacebird10 Says:


As far as I know, Kara is a diminutive of Katherine, which means "pure," while Cara has its own roots and meaning.