Gender: Female Meaning of Jude: "praised" Origin of Jude: Diminutive of Judith or variation of Judah

Jude Origin and Meaning

The name Jude is a girl's name of Hebrew, Latin origin meaning "praised".

Jude may be a rising boys' name, thanks to Jude Law, but it's also a new way to spin Judy or Judith as well as a name that's long been used quietly for girls as well as boys. Alexis Stewart, daughter of Martha, named her daughter Jude and Jessica Lange plays Sister Jude on American Horror Story.

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BookSneakersMovie Says:


To me this name seems like a boy’s name, though I could see it on a girl.

kriselle_e Says:


I have an uncle named Jude. He's a priest so I thought the name seemed outdated and boring.
I watched a tv show about a character named Jude by her Beatles loving father. Since then I've warmed up to it immensely, but I do prefer it on girls a bit more than boys

clairels Says:


If you're going to insist on throwing fit about this subject, the least you can do is get your facts right.

EW314 Says:


I agree with some of the other commenters that this is NOT really part of the boys'-names-on-girls trend. Jude has a long history of use for both genders, as a diminutive of Judah or Judith, or just as a name in its own right.

I personally think it's a lovely name, particularly on a girl, actually. I much prefer its smooth, clean sound over the cutesy, elaborate names sitting up at the top of the popularity list. It reminds me of Ruth, another hugely underrated, classy name which is being shunned in favour of Izabella, Maddisyn and the like.

Bobcat108 Says:


Give it a rest. Just as Jude is a shortened version of Judah, Jude is a shortened version of Judith. The only Judes I've known have all been women, & I'm not talking about girls under 10...they've all been grown women who are now in their 40s or 50s or even older. Just because your opinion is that Jude is exclusively male does not mean that it's so. And I'm getting rather tired of hearing how once a name's been "stolen" & used for girls that it's ruined forever & forever for boys. That seems pretty misogynistic to me.

RoddyThlayli Says:


Jude has always been in an in between zone to me. Its too feminine to be masculine, too masculine to be feminine, something keeps it from sounding unisex. I just really don't like it. At all. I far prefer Jade (for either gender), or June, or Judy.

Gabrielle Jones Says:


I think this is a nice name, but I prefer Judaea because it sounds more feminine.

Louisa Says:


Jude only became popular in the last decade or two and the Jude in the bible was actually named Judas so I don't know what you mean by "common".

Louisa Says:


I wouldn't call Jude a "strong historical boy name". The Jude in the Bible? His real name was JUDAS. Look it up and see for yourself. Jude is nothing more than an abbreviated version of Judas or Judah. It wasn't even used by people at that time in that form. Judah sure was used, and so was Judith. The reality is that Jude was not a popular boy name until Jude Law came around. Look at the statistics. Before him, there was the Beatles song and a few real life Judes -- boys and definitely some girls too. There were A LOT of Judiths, and several of them answered to Jude as well.

shuttercat Says:


Wowzers! Relax, and do some research because you missed the part about Jude being a legitimately unisex name with a looooong history on females. It even says right in the Nameberry name info "a name that's long been used quietly for girls as well as boys." Yes, it's more common for males but that doesn't make it off limits to girls. Save your anger for Wyatt or Arlo.

babymagic Says:


Judah/Judas was a common name for Jews during biblical times. Jude was not. The use of Jude as a given name did not come into use in the English language until centuries later, during the 1600's, and it came into use as a unisex name. The name Jude appears in early English translations of the New Testament to distinguish Judas Thaddeus (St.Jude) from Judas Iscariot (betrayer of Jesus). St.Jude was really named Judas but it was abbreviated to Jude to avoid confusion with the other apostle named Judas.

Kayte Says:


Jude was a common name for men as far back as Bible times.

shuttercat Says:


The simplicity of this name gives it a minimalist and modern feel that is well-suited to those who would rather avoid a frilly or syllable-heavy name for a girl. It has enough history of use on females to set it apart from the boy-names-for-girls trend, and retains just a touch of femininity through the "Ju" sound found in Judith and Julia. It's like Judith starting with a clean slate.

Daphodil Says:


I love Jude on both genders!

CupcakeGirl13 Says:


I know someone named Judy who goes by Jude as a fun nn.

xaliciax Says:


I think Jude as a middle name would be a very nice balance to a more feminine first name.

Jude Says:


I like Jude name it is a Girl name in my class i have a girl name Jude

SmittyWerbenJaegerManJensen Says:


I always thought Jude was a girl name, but it's mostly a boy name. I prefer it as a girl name thought, it's like Judith but not as girly. If I have a daughter I will name her Maryann or Judith but Jude for short.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I personally prefer Jude on a boy, but I wouldn't think much of it on a girl. It could work.

babymagic Says:


Total misconception. The use of Jude on females dates back to the 1600s in England. It was used equally on males and females until the mid 1800s and only then started to lean male, but there are still female Judes today. And since Jude can also be short for Judith or Judy, it is very much along the same lines as other unisex nicknames like Sam, Alex, Max, Chris, Jo, etc. Plus it is not a far departure phonetically from Jade or June so there is nothing strictly masculine about it. I think it would be a cool way to honor a grandmother without using the more dated Judith.

jordalini Says:


I don't like this for a girl, and I am a big fan of boys names on girls

Littlemeg Says:


I just think Jude is a boy's name. It would be like naming your daughter Frank or Jason. There are so many nice girl's names and unisex names.