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Gender: M Pronunciation: eeg-NAH-see-o Meaning of Ignacio: "fiery" Origin of Ignacio: Spanish Ignacio's Popularity in 2016: #926

Ignacio, like Horacio, makes its gray-bearded English equivalent name sound positively dashing. While the Ig- beginning summons up such associations as ignoble and ignorant, the era for Ignacio and Ignatius and Iggy may be nigh. It reentered the US Top 1000 in 2015 after a two-year absence.

Famous People Named Ignacio

Ignacio Allende (1769 – 1811), captain of the Spanish Army in Mexico
Ignacio Scocco, Argentinian soccer player
Ignacio "Nacho" Figueras, Argentinian polo player

Pop Culture References for the name Ignacio

Brother Ignacio, character in "Nacho Libre" played by Jack Black
Ignacio Alonzo Julio Federico de Tito, "Tito," Chihuahua in Disney movie "Oliver & Company"

Ignacio's International Variations

Nacho, Egnacio, Ingnacio, Ignasio, Ignasi, Ygnocio, Ygnasio, Ignatio, Nas, Hignacio, Ignacius, Ignazio, Ignocio (Spanish)