Scottish, spelling variation of Greer
"alert, watchful"

Grier Origin and Meaning

The name Grier is a girl's name of Scottish origin meaning "alert, watchful".

Brooke Shields chose this name for her younger daughter. It's one of the original androgynous movie star names, precursor to Drew and Glenn and Cameron, borne by Greer Garson.

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Grier Popularity

Famous People Named Grier

  • Pam GrierU.S. actress
  • Hayes GrierInternet star (born Benjamin Hayes Grier)
  • Will GrierAmerican football quarterback for the West Virginia Mountaineers
  • Grier Hammond Henchydaughter of Brooke Shields
  • Emeline Grier Miller (b. 2016)daughter of skier (Samuel) Bode Miller
  • David Alan GrierAmerican actor and comedian.