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Gender: F Meaning of Fiammetta: "little fiery one" Origin of Fiammetta: Italian

Fiammetta, from the Italian word for flame, has both femininity and fire. Fiammetta could make a good alternative to more conventional Italian girls' names like Giovanna.

Fiammetta has some romantic, if not fiery, references. It was the pseudonym of Boccaccio's beloved in the Decameron and other works (the subject of a famous Pre-Raphaelit painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti); and another Fiammetta was a famous courtesan and lover of Cesar Borgia. Currently there is a hot Italian cover girl named Fiammetta Cicogna.

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Famous People Named Fiammetta

Fiammetta (possibly born Maria d’Aquino), pseudonym of the beloved of Italian poet Giovanni Boccaccio and inspiration for many works
Fiammetta Wilson, English astronomer
Fiammetta Baralla, Italian actress
Fiammetta Cicogna, Italian model

Pop Culture References for the name Fiammetta

May refer to the flames of the Holy Spirit that descended on the apostles on the day Christians commemorate as Pentecost.
Fiametta, character in the Gilbert and Sullivan opera The Gondoliers (1899)