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Ghislaine Origin and Meaning

The name Ghislaine is a girl's name of French origin meaning "pledge".

Ghislaine still sounds unusual to us, even though in France this name is dated. It can also be spelled Ghislain.

In the US, it is best known through association to Ghislaine Maxwell, the French-British socialite indicted in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

Ghislaine Popularity

Famous People Named Ghislaine

  • Ghislaine MaxwellBritish socialite, known for association with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein (charged herself with sex trafficking of children)
  • Ghislaine Marie Françoise DommangetFrench comedy actress; princess consort of Louis II of Monaco
  • Ghislaine DupontFrench journalist
  • Ghislaine MarieRose Edith Dresselhuys Alexander, British heiress; personality on TV's "What's My Line?"
  • Ghislaine BarnayFrench Olympic athlete

Ghislaine in Pop Culture

  • Ghislainecharacter in British TV's "Robin Hood Guy"
  • Ghislaine de Feligondecharming old French rose
  • Pronounced "geeLEN" (hard G as in "ghost," and the S is silent)