French variation of Iseult, Celtic
"fair, light-skinned"

Yseult Origin and Meaning

The name Yseult is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "fair, light-skinned".

Variation of Isolde, the name of a great Celtic heroine. The mononymous French singer Yseult is the most notable bearer today.

Famous People Named Yseult

  • Yseult OnguenetFrench pop singer
  • Yseult Digan aka YZFrench artist
  • Yseult GervyBelgian swimmer
  • Yseult LendvaiFrench ballerina
  • Yseult Le DanoisFrench zoologist
  • Sean Yseult (born Shauna Reynolds)American rock guitarist

Yseult in Pop Culture

  • Yseult Rackstrawcharacter in The Newcomes (1853,5) by W. M. Thackeray
  • See also ISEULT