French variation of Ophelia

Ophelie Origin and Meaning

The name Ophelie is a girl's name of French origin meaning "help".

Though this name properly takes an accent over the first e, most Americans would probably have trouble pronouncing it with French elan.

Ophelie is the title of a Rimbaud poem, Ophelie Davis is a French freestyle skating champ, and Ophelie Winter is a French actress and singerl.

Ophelie Popularity

Famous People Named Ophelie

  • Ophélie WinterFrench singer/actress
  • Ophélie DavidFrench Olympic skier
  • OphélieCyrielle Étienne, French Olympic swimmer
  • Ophélie AnneLaure Meilleroux, French footballer

Ophelie in Pop Culture

  • Opheliesong by Vanessa Paradis