Gender: Male Meaning of Everett: "brave as a wild boar" Origin of Everett: English variation of the German Eberhard Everett's Popularity in 2019: #94

Everett Origin and Meaning

The name Everett is a boy's name of German, English origin meaning "brave as a wild boar".

Everett is a statesmanlike, wintry New England name whose recent leap in popularity can be credited to its similarity to trendy girls’ names such as Eva and Ava. Its high point was about a century ago, when Everett was a Top 100 name.

Everett Hills is a character in Eugene O'Neill's drama Mourning Becomes Electra. George Clooney and Dermot Mulroney have both played Everetts in recent films; author John Irving named his youngest son Everett, and singer Isaac Hanson has an Everett as well.

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Rank in US: #94

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Famous People Named Everett

Pop Culture References for the name Everett

Everet, Evritt, Everhard, Evered, Everhardt, Everhardo, Evret, Evrit, Everit, Everhar, Everitt, Evrett, Evraud

Everett's International Variations

Eberhard (German) Evert (Swedish)


AllysonKristina Says:


If I ever have a son I will name him Everett. I’m praying to the babynaming gods that it doesn’t become more popular than it already is!

emilyfalls13 Says:


Love this name! Top choice for our boy name, my mother’s maiden name is Eberhard and I want to be able to honor my maternal grandfather who just passed in some way.

janefeb20 Says:


This is very similar to Elliot and Emmett, which are two names that I really love. I don't really get how it sounds New England-y, but I used to live there so the connection is an added bonus for me

babyonemoretime Says:


I really like the name for its austere and dashing connotations, but I know people who don't because it does generate the image of a spoiled boy from the NE suburbs. But I think the child will have to decide how their name comes across depending on the way they hold themselves. When I hear this name, I think of pine trees and snow, a dark-haired man with a serious expression that relents to a great smile. It's very, very nice.

oliviamcdonald Says:


Sounds like “over it”

Rosie2525 Says:


I really like this strong, handsome, classic name :) And it's one of my favorites that my husband actually likes! :D Definitely in the top 5. I like the nickname Rhett. I've read people using the name Ever, also. But I think the shortened Ev would be the nickname we would use. A great name.

Wildmoonchild Says:


Love this name. So cool yet distinguished!

Simone Says:


I am going to name my first born son Everett

Heather Anderson Says:


Do you think Everett is too close to Elliot to use for a sibling?

xhart Says:


I live in Seattle and it's my number one boys name. But I lived in Everett a bit as a child so it has a more personal meaning which makes me look past the city name I guess.

sweattsg Says:


I named my little guy Everett in 2013. I love it! We don't use a nickname at all.

Hailey Says:


True, but that's the first thing that came to my mind. :)

eveyalecia Says:


I also live around Seattle, but I wouldn't automatically think of the city if I met someone named Everett. There are a lot of cities that are also names...

denn81 Says:


We love this name, and chose it for our son. It was my great grandfathers name, but it doesn't sound like an old man's name. It has an old-fashioned edge to it, but it also sounds surprisingly modern. We haven't used nicknames much, but I can see us calling him Ev or Rhett in the future.

VorththeCat Says:


I am crossing my fingers that this will not become more popular than it is right now!

Hailey Says:


I live in a Seattle suburb and Everett is a city here. I couldn't do it to my child.

RoddyThlayli Says:


Everett sounds like it could either be the name of swashbuckling hero-type, or a scholarly person. It also ages really well. Ever, Ev or Rett or maybe even Veretty are cool nicknames. I love this name!

priviledgedpistachios Says:


I've never met another Everett, so I might use it for my son. The one mistake I don't want to make is avoiding the names I love just because they're popular. And it's a nice way to honor my Boston roots!

Stevojeano_12 Says:


Love this name and 'Ever' would be such a cool nn!

la_blondina Says:


My little Everett is almost 6. We've had no issues of mispronunciation, and only just recently I had an elderly woman misspell it by adding an "e" on the end.

headintheclouds Says:


Very New England, IMO, and NB agrees with me! I think it's a nice, more surnamey alternative to Emmett, and sounds very preppy, historic and distinguished. An Everett in my imagination is a fifth-generation Ivy-League legacy who is in the crew team and wears boat shoes all the time. xD

SoDallas3 Says:


I have no experience, my great-grandfather name was Ebehard which is the German, I also considered using Everett or even Everard to honour him. In German, I believe it's three syllables.

Lpiepul13 Says:


I worried about that too as we are contemplating the name. I also wonder if people will mispronounce? I prefer the two syllable

Audrey328 Says:


This is a great name. I only wonder if people would often misspell it. Does anyone have experience with this?

bluedahlia Says:


Such a handsome name. I wish it had not become so popular!

flora_kate Says:


I knew a little Everett once who was called Mt. Everett as a nickname. So cute!

morgannalucia Says:


This is my last name, so I'll be giving my next son this as a middle name.