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Gender: F Meaning of Eustacia: "fruitful" Origin of Eustacia: Greek

Eustacia, the ancestor of mid-century fave Stacy, is just the kind of fusty old relic that might be polished up for modern use. Eustacia Vye is the central character of Thomas Hardy's The Return of the Native.

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Famous People Named Eustacia

Eustacia Grandin, mother of American autism activist Temple Grandin

Pop Culture References for the name Eustacia

Eustacia Vye, half-Corfiote beauty in Thomas Hardy's novel 'The Return of the Native'
Eustacia Yewbeam, character in the Children of the Red King series by Jenny Nimmo
Eustacia Andrapov, character in the Nancy Drew computer game series
Variation: Eustachia
Eustachian tubes, part of the inner ear

Stacey, Eustasia, Stacie, Stacy, Eustacie, Stacia