Anglicized form of Irish Damhnait

Dymphna Origin and Meaning

The name Dymphna is a girl's name meaning "fawn".

Dymphna, also spelled Dympna, is the name of an Irish virgin martyr. The story goes that she was a Celtic princess who fled to Belgium to escape the abusive attentions of her father, and his mad actions led to her becoming the patron saint of the insane.

Or is this too much information?

There have been two noted writers with this name, the Australian Dymphna Cusack and the Irish travel writer Dymphna Byrne. One of the most classic Irish names for girls, Dymphna is considered a bit dated in its native land.

Famous People Named Dymphna

  • Saint Dymphna7th,century Irish martyr (patron saint of victims of depression, anxiety, OCD, and mental disorders)
  • Dymphna ByrneIrish travel writer
  • (Hilma) Dymphna ClarkAustralian linguist
  • Dymphna CusackAustralian novelist

Dymphna in Pop Culture

  • Dymphy is the Dutch form of Dymphna.