"lover of songs"

Philomela Origin and Meaning

The name Philomela is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "lover of songs".

Philomela, the name of a mythological Athenian princess who was transformed into a nightingale, is rarely heard outside the Greek community. The mellifluous Philomela might make a more distinctive and prettier update for Pamela or Phyllis. Philomela may also be a good choice for a music-lover's daughter. Try Pippa or Millie for short.

Famous People Named Philomela

  • Philomelapen name of English poet Elizabeth Singer Rowe

Philomela in Pop Culture

  • PhilomelaGreek mythological princess who was turned into a nightingale and her sister Procne a sparrow
  • PhilomelaGreek mythological mother of Patroclus