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Gender: M Pronunciation: ee-lon Meaning of Elon: "oak tree" Origin of Elon: Hebrew

Elon is a rare -- in the US, at least -- Biblical name that's become better known thanks to Tesla maker Elon Musk. If Ethan -- and Ian and Evan -- can make it, why not Elon? Eilon is a variation.

Famous People Named Elon

Elon, son of Zebulun, grandson of Israel, great-grandson of Isaac (Num. 26:26)
Elon Musk, South African billionaire businessman and inventor (said to be the inspiration for Tony Stark's character in the Iron Man films)
Elon Gold, American actor
Elon, a judge of Israel in biblical times

Pop Culture References for the name Elon

Elon University, in Elon, North Carolina