Phonetic variation of French Cheri; also a Spanish fortified wine

Sherry Origin and Meaning

The name Sherry is a girl's name of French origin.

Peppy cheerleader name of the 1960s and 70s that's sure to evoke the Four Seasons song of that name.

# 925 in the US

Sherry Rank in US Top 1000

Famous People Named Sherry

  • Sherry Lansing (born Sherry Lee Duhl)American actress and executive, first woman to head a Hollywood studio
  • Sherry JacksonAmerican actress
  • Sherry Lea StringfieldAmerican actress
  • Sherry Thomasamerican YA novelist
  • Sherry RehmanPakistani Senator
  • Sherry TurkleAmerican social scientist and author

Sherry in Pop Culture

  • Sherry Palmercharacter on TV's "24"
  • Sherry Birkincharacter in the video game series Resident Evil
  • Sherry Belmontcharacter in manga/anime "Zatch Bell"
  • Sherry Blendycharacter in manga/anime 'Fairy Tail'
  • Sherry Swansonmain character in 2006 movie "Sherrybaby"
  • "Sherry" a song by the Four Seasons
  • Sherry is an alcoholic drink.
  • Sherry Polnareffcharacter in the manga/anime 'Jojo's Bizarre Adventure'