Gender: Female Origin of Chicago: American place-name

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The name Chicago is a girl's name .

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have done it again for their third child: Chosen a name that feels iconic yet strangely inevitable. They named North and Saint's younger sister Chicago, after Kanye's hometown. The name Chicago derives from a Native American word for "wild garlic," which once grew plentifully in the Illinois city, the third most populous in the US. Though one of the distinctly American names, Chicago has almost never been used as a first name before. The Social Security administration reported no newborns named Chicago in 2016, meaning it was given to fewer than five children, and quite possibly none. But we doubt that will be the case for long. Saint tripled in popularity after they used it for their son!

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moonsong23 Says:


I actually like this name, though I don't love it and wouldn't use it on a child of my own. Maybe a book character, though.

Francoamericano Says:


I don't hate this unisex name. It not only makes me think of Kim and Kanye but of pitch perfect 3

grace147 Says:


not gonna lie, I kind of like it.

Tigris Says:


Chicago is a Native American word "Shikako" meaning "skunk place" due to the wild onions that grew there. You want to name your child "skunk place"? Other commenters here say nicknames could be Chi/Shy which sound 90s. First nickname I thought of for it was even MORE 90s: Shiggy! What..You don't wanna get Shiggy wit it? Nanana na nana na

Melissa Joy Says:


My lovely children, North, Saint, and Chicago.

ambercat Says:


Ahhh...the city of wind. Also, I also can't help but to associate it with Chicago Ohare Airport and a miserable/time consuming air travel experience.

mamanmia Says:


all i hear is 'cargo'

Leah_ Says:


I definitely see what you mean by “Chi” sounding very 90s. Maybe like a character in a bad 90s teen movie.

Ccppww Says:


They set the bar pretty low...

Ccppww Says:


I don’t think it matches The sib set to be honest, and I hate the nickname. I can deal with Chicago more than Chi. Not only do I think the association with shy weird, I also think it sounds very nineties in a bad way.

Scorpio Says:


It's definitely not great, but in my opinion it's still better than Saint.

caroblaise Says:


Yeah, I think it works better on a boy as well. It's a cool name, but I'd probably just use it for a character as well

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I admit that I kind of like this name, but more so on a boy than a girl. Would I use it on a real baby, if I had one? Probably not, but I think it could work for a character.

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


On the one hand, they could have chosen something so much worse. On the other hand... I still think it's pretty bad. Not humiliating, per se, but it does leave me with the question: "Why?" I just don't see the appeal of it, even with the nickname 'Chi/Shy'. Oh well - at least it'll fit in with North and Saint. Having said that, if you're going to include this as a legitimate name on the website because two nutty celebs chose it, then at least give it a boy page as well.