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Gender: Female Pronunciation: KEHR-iss Meaning of Cerys: "love" Origin of Cerys: Welsh

The name Cerys is a girl's name of Welsh origin meaning "love". Cerys and is often added to lists like Unique Girl Names: Unusual and Rare and discussed in our forums with posts like "Rate the Previous Signature!".

From the experts:

Common name in Wales that's all but unknown in the U.S. Certainly an attractive choice ripe for export. In the UK it sits at Number 330.

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Famous People Named Cerys

Cerys Elizabeth Matthews, lead singer of Welsh band Catatonia
Cerys Hale, Welsh rugby union player

Pop Culture References for the name Cerys

Cerys, Jenna Heap's biological mother in Angie Sage's Magyk series
Cerys an Crait: character in the videogame Witcher 3.


Annaaaa Says:


I prefer this pronunciation but I like it spelt Carys instead for my opinion.

Starelli Says:


I prefer Karis.

jasminecerys Says:


My middle name☺️ I think it's pretty

roseofjune Says:


No, it's pronunced like "CARE-iss"

Hailey Says:


Is this pronounced like Ceres? SER-eez?

headintheclouds Says:


The way Cerys is pronounced is the reason I fell in love with Carys, only to find out that's not how you pronounce Carys D: With Cerys, I thought it was "Se-riss", with a soft C and long E, and I was surprised that Cerys is actually "Care-iss"!

I think Cerys is a lovely, lovely name, but I personally wouldn't use it for myself (or Carys anymore xD), since I prefer a pronunciation that's totally different from how you're supposed to say it. I think a downside with these names would be having to constantly correct people over how they say your name!

indiefendi2 Says:


I'm starting to like this more than Carys!

KLGG88 Says:


FYI, proper pronunciations for Cerys and Carys are different... Carys is "KA-riss"

Orchid_Lover Says:


Nameberry prefers Cerys, but the US prefers Charis. Cerys is #426 on NB but #14894 on the SSA list (that's just 6 baby girls). Charis is #2087 on NB but 1937 on the SSA list (101 girls)