French variation of Aurelia, Latin
"the golden one"

Aurelie Origin and Meaning

The name Aurelie is a girl's name meaning "the golden one".

Aurelie is the delicate French variation of Aurelia, one of the most improbable popular names of recent years. Both versions of the name are lovely, but it might be difficult to insist that Americans pronounce Aurelie the attractive French way rather than like plain old orally.

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Aurelie Popularity

Famous People Named Aurelie

  • Aurelie AmblardFrench actress
  • Aurelie ClaudelFrench model
  • Aurelie DupontFrench ballet dancer
  • Aurelie Filippettimember of the National Assembly of France
  • Aurelie Marie Augustine RazafinjatoMalagasy politician
  • Aurelie NemoursParisian painter
  • Aurelie SheehanAmerican novelist and short story writer
  • AureliePrincess of Saxony (b. 2010), daughter of Prince Nils; great,granddaughter of Grand Duke William IV of Luxembourg