Gender: Female Pronunciation: CA-riss (not Care-iss) Meaning of Carys: "love" Origin of Carys: Welsh

Carys Origin and Meaning

The name Carys is a girl's name of Welsh origin meaning "love".

Common in Wales, this name was introduced to America when Welsh-born Catherine Zeta-Jones and husband Michael Douglas chose it for their daughter in 2003. It didn't come into use in Wales until the late nineteenth century. It's currently Number 367 in England and Wales.

Carys is one of that sweet group of girls' names with a loving meaning, and this has a subliminal link to the word 'caress.'

Cerys is also heard in Wales.

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Ceris, Cerys, Caryse, Caris


Joanna2627 Says:


Pronunciation has been updated, and I'm Welsh so I know this is correct.. 'CA-riss (not Care-iss)' .. If you like Care-iss call her Cerys!

Generictuber Says:


My daughter’s name is Carys. I understand the proper original pronunciation is KA-riss. We live in CLE, Ohio and the pronunciation over the pond where is a making slow progress is Care-es.

Conqueror1991 Says:


Honestly, you can pronounce it however the heck you want. I think this spelling is super pretty and I prefer the pronunciation Care-iss. It may not be the "correct" pronunciation, but it is going to be pronounced differently everywhere you go. Just use the spelling that is pleasing to your eye and the pronunciation you prefer.

Annaaaa Says:


My friends name is Carys and it’s pronounced Care-iss.

Courtney Preuss Says:


I pronounce my kid's name Care-iss. I'm american nobody here would pronounce it right if I went with the original pronunciation. They mostly say "carries" at first if they don't know it anyway so I'm glad we went with that pronunciation lol

abertawe Says:


That’s correct. It is really challenging for North Americans to say Carys correctly with the “a” they use in the UK

iipostmvh Says:


Aaahh. Yeah I’m struggling with that. Of course I can say man, but once I change the n to an r, that changes the ma sound. I can’t get passed it.

alliebelle Says:


I struggle to hear the difference between CA-riss and CARE-iss... am I correct in assuming that in the first case, the a is the same as in the word cat, where in the second the first syllable rhymes with bear?

I can force myself to say it differently, but I don't naturally use the first pronunciation pattern for anything. It feels like I'm putting on an accent.

The Carys that I know is CARE-iss. :)

abertawe Says:


Part of the problem is North Americans see KA-ris and interpret that as car-is which is wrong. the a rhymes with man not mar.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Lovely name

paulapuddephatt Says:


I'm in England and knew a Carys. She was kar-iss.

abertawe Says:


North Americans (myself included) struggle with this. We tend to say "hairy" instead of "Ha-rry", and similarly, "care-is" instead of "Ca-ris".

Fluffykitten101 Says:


Yep, never heard it pronounced care-riss, don't be an uneducated fool and say that is how the name is pronounced because the traditional pronunciation is cah-riss. Anyway, Caris is a very pretty name. I also like Cerys (same meaning) and other spellings Caris and Karis.

cabosanmucus Says:


The real pronounciation is cah RYS. Carys with a long A is Anglicized. So I guess that settles that.

cvpea2 Says:


My daughter is Carys (rhymes with Paris) and I also used interviews with Catherine Zeta Jones as my guide too!! It would be helpful if Nameberry did the same and then updated the pronunciation guide!!!

catheirl Says:


Oh! Thought of another! The miniseries "World Wothout End" has a main character named Caris. Different spelling but also pronounced "Care-iss".

catheirl Says:


"Not Care-iss" Watch episode 02 "The First Day" of the show Torchwood. It's a goofy episode but there is a character in that episode named Carys and they pronounce it Care-iss. Torchwood is a BBC show filmed in Wales with a British cast (a mix from Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England). I used their pronunciation plus interviews with Catherine Zeta Jones (she's Welsh and she named her daughter Carys) to help me before deciding on Carys for my daughter, which we pronounce "Care-iss".

RoddyThlayli Says:


Cerys is another Welsh name that is pronounce Care-iss, with the same meaning :)

headintheclouds Says:


I really loved Carys, until I found out I was pronouncing it wrong! I've always thought it was "care-iss", and I find that "ka-riss" is too similar to the word caress for me, where I feel like I'm saying a word instead of calling a name. Now I just like Carys. I love the meaning of the name though, and Carys is a stunning name!

Zelliew Says:


I agree

lesliemarion Says:


Nice but reminds me of cavities.

TaliaCat Says:


Much prettier!!

TaliaCat Says:


The pronunciation "KARR-iss" is soooooooo much prettier than "CARE-iss" in my opinion!

mysoutherncomfortzone Says:


Guess it's pronounced differently in America

amberdaydream Says:


I suppose. I'm not actually American. I'm British. I live near Wales. The girl I know called this sometimes gets called Cerys (Keh-ris) by mistake which is a similar Welsh name.

KLGG88 Says:


It's pronounced "KA-ris" in Welsh :) Americans typically struggle with Welsh pronunciations

KLGG88 Says:


I lived in Wales for >5 years, and my husband is Welsh... Always heard it pronounce "ka-riss", where Cerys is pronounced "care-iss".

Alicia1 Says:


What a sweet name with a special meaning. Love it!

amberdaydream Says:


I know a Welsh girl called this and she pronounces it KA-ris. For what it's worth.

jan11th Says:


Reminds me of ''carrots'' when its said out loud :(

KatieElle Says:


I like this name. It's on my list

Orchid_Lover Says:


Hey, I think we got them to change the pronunciation guide. woot woot.

Guest Says:


On my "if I had a daughter today I would use this name" list. :P

mysoutherncomfortzone Says:


Yeah. That's how the Carys I know pronounces it, and other Carys's I've heard of...

mysoutherncomfortzone Says:


It's pronounced care-iss. I have never heard it pronounced ka-riss...

Orchid_Lover Says:


Isn't the accent on the first syllable?