Gender: Female Pronunciation: bron-tay Meaning of Bronte: "thunder" Origin of Bronte: Greek

Bronte Origin and Meaning

The name Bronte is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "thunder".

This lovely surname of the three novel-writing sisters, now used as a baby name, makes a fitting tribute for lovers of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. While the original name took an umlaut over the e, modern English speakers may find that more trouble than it's worth. Trivia note: The Anglo-Irish clergyman who was the father of Charlotte, Emily and Anne changed his name from the original Brunty. According to scholars, the family pronounced the name brun-tee, though in the 21st century world it's commonly pronounced bron-tay. In Australia, the name is more likely to take inspiration from Bronte Beach in Sydney. It was named after Lord Nelson, the 1st Duke of Bronté. He got his title from a town in Sicily, itself named after a mythological Cyclops.

Many people first noticed the name in the film Green Card, as the name of the Andie MacDowell character.

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fearlessfirefly Says:


Bron-tay is the correct pronunciation

fearlessfirefly Says:


I'm always thought that this name sounds better on a boy.

ferix08 Says:


I did my dissertation on the Brontës and read somewhere that they pronounced it 'brun-tee" when they were alive. I'm from the UK and most people say 'bron-tay' but my English teacher at sixth form would pronounce it 'bron-tee'... a mystery indeed ha

But I am inclined to call them 'brun-tee' if that was what they called themselves.

robi oediv Says:


the father actually got it from his stay in the little town of Bronte, in Sicily, Italy and there it's pronounced as Bront-'ae'. Apparently ë (-ee) was put to make the name sound more english-friendly..

arr! Says:


No matter the pronunciation, I am slowly falling in love with this name...

Erinm Says:


It's pronounced however you want it to be. It's Bron-tee in Australia mostly because we have a suburb with that name in sydney.

chook Says:


It's a diaeresis not an umlaut. The correct pronunciation is Bront-ee, Bront-ay, though commonly used, is incorrect.

bienchen Says:



Mhill46 Says:


It is always pronounced Bron-Tay in the US

esita Says:


Actually the Bronte sisters pronounced it Brontee (the name was originally Brunty).

pam Says:


In the US, I've never heard bron-tee -- it's always bron-tay -- but obviously that's the standard pronunciation in Australia. Here's what the Oxford English Dictionary has to say about pronunciation (they go with bron-tay): https://en.oxforddictionari...

Chae-Eun Says:


To me, this is bron-TAY...

Rom Says:


How do you know this? I love Bronte(AY) as a middle but am torn as I do not like (tea) if correct.. However if the Bronte sister said (tay) that would make a difference to me!

TheHumanCanvas Says:


Technically, you're right. In French, the umlaut makes it an -ee sound, but the Bronte sisters pronounced it as -ay. So in that sense, either would be correct.

hmg1204 Says:


I don't really like this name on girls but love it on boys for some reason!

gk Says:


Bronte is pronounced Bron- tee, not tay. The original umlaut over the e NOT being the same as a French accent mark on the e! That happened in the title of the Cecile B. DeMille version of the film, which is incorrect and has misled many. Also it certainly is pronounced tee, not tay in Greek!

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I'm from Australia and people do immediately say Bron-tee, but it's easy to correct and it's the same with many names, like Mattea for instance. (People say Matt-ee-uh).

jan11th Says:


Met a girl today who pronounced it Bront-AY i fell in love with the name!

Bronte Says:


My name is Bronte and i pronounce it bron-tay but than agian i am from canada

raevynstar Says:


I pronounced it BRONT-ay and so does a person I know.

emekct Says:


Bront-ay as in the famous writing sisters Emily, Anne, Elizabeth and Maria. That's where the Bront-ay pronunciation comes from, a sur-name.

Erinm Says:


Never heard it pronounced 'Bront-ay'. Ever. It's Bront- ee

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I am not a fan at all. It's not very appealing to me. Initially, I read this as BRONT and Brontë as BRONTA

cheeelllsss Says:


This name is pronounced Bron-tee in Australia.