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Gender: M Meaning of Brayden: "salmon" Origin of Brayden: Spelling variation of Irish surname Braden Brayden's Popularity in 2016: #64

Brayden is the top spelling of one of the epidemically popular rhyming cousins of Aiden, hitting the Top 100 in 2005.. It is now at Number 64, slipping down from 48 in 2013. Other widely used spellings include Braden, Braeden, Braydon, Braiden, Braedon and Bradyn. Take your pick.

Actress Melissa Joan Hart named her son Braydon.

Famous People Named Brayden

Brayden Tyler "Brady" Quinn, American NFL football player
Brayden Mitchell, New Zealand rugby union player
Brayden Schenn, Canadian ice hockey player
Brayden Lyle, Australian rules footballer
Brayden Wiliame, Australian rugby league player
Brayden McNabb, Canadian ice hockey player
Brayden Irwin, Canadian ice hockey player
Brayden Pierce, American actor
Brayden Meche, son of baseball player Gil Meche
Brayden Bell (b. 2003), son of NFL player Yeremiah Bell
Brayden Chase Nady (b. 2011), son of baseball player Xavier Nady
Brayden Rogers, son of singer Matthew Rogers
Brayden Morrison, son of ice hockey player Brendan Morrison
Brayden Smith, son of basketball player Steve Smith

Pop Culture References for the name Brayden

Brayden Holt, character on Australian TV series "Wentworth"
Brayden Edwards, character on Australian soap "Home and Away," twin brother Riley Edwards