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Gender: M Meaning of Blaise: "to lisp, stammer" Origin of Blaise: French Blaise's Popularity in 2016: #903

As modern as it sounds, Blaise is an ancient Christian martyr name. In Arthurian legend, Blaise is the name of Merlin the Magician's secretary. Its relation to the word and name Blaze gives it a fiery feel. Amanda Beard named her baby boy Blaise Ray.

Saint Blaise, an Armenian bishop, is the patron saint of wild animals and those with sore throats. Blaise Pascal was the seventeenth century French mathematician-physicist-inventor-writer-philosopher among whose many accomplishments was the invention of the calculator. And in the modern world, Blaise Zambini is a minor character in the Harry Potter franchise.

Famous People Named Blaise

Saint Blaise, physician, bishop and martyr of Sebastea, Turkey
Blaise Pascal, French philosopher
Blaise Diagne, Senegalese political leader
Blaise Matuidi, French footballer
Blaise Compaoré, former president of Burkina Faso
Blaise Cendrars (born Frédéric-Louis Sauser), Swiss-French novelist
Blaise Koffi Kouassi, Ivorian footballer
Blaise Larmee, American graphic novelist
Blaise Ray Brown, son of athlete/model Amanda Beard

Pop Culture References for the name Blaise

Blaise Zabini, character in the Harry Potter series.
Blaise, Northumberland-dwelling master of Merlin in Thomas Malory's 15th-century compilation Le Morte d'Arthur
Blaise Jeannot Andrieux, character in the Wild Cards series
Blaise Curci, French crime lord in film "The French Connection"

Blayze, Blayse, Blaze

Blaise's International Variations

Blaize, Blaisot (French) Ballas, Balas, Balasz (Hungarian) Vlas (Russian) Braz (Portuguese) Blasius, Blasi (German) Blas (Spanish) Biagio (Italian) Blazek (Polish)