A Finnish tribe and language

Fenno Origin and Meaning

The name Fenno is a boy's name of Finnish origin.

If you've heard this name, it's probably from the hero of the acclaimed Julia Glass novel, Three Junes, or else the political scientist Richard Fenno. As well as a Finnish name, it's alos a Frisian diminutive from names in the Frederick family, making it is a cousin of Freddie, Fritz and Fedde. This name is so rare it's never appeared on the charts, but with its energetic O ending it might appeal if you're looking for an alternative to names like Otto and Arlo.

Famous People Named Fenno

  • Richard FennoAmerican political scientist
  • John FennoAmerican Federalist party editor
  • Charles Fenno HoffmanAmerican writer
  • Charles Fenno JacobsAmerican photographer

Fenno in Pop Culture

  • Fenno McLeodcharacter in "Three Junes" by Julia Glass