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Gender: F Meaning of Ayala: "doe, gazelle" Origin of Ayala: Hebrew

This animal-themed name is among the most popular for girls in contemporary Israel. Parents who want to move beyond the mega-popular Aliyah and sisters might want to consider Ayala. The male form is Ayal.

Famous People Named Ayala

Ayala Procaccia, Israeli Supreme Court justice
Ayala Truelove, Israeli footballer
(Jennifer Heather Brigid) Ayala Moore, Irish singer and TV host
Ayala Ingedashet, Israeli singer
Ayala Hetzroni, Israeli shotputter
Ayala Hasson-Nesher, Israeli TV journalist
Ayala Short, daughter of actor Columbus Short

Pop Culture References for the name Ayala

Ayala Dormer, main character in "Ayala's Angel" by Anthony Trollope
Ayala, male character on TV's "Star Trek: Voyager"
Related to Ayelet
Also a Spanish surname