Gender: Female Meaning of Ariel: "lion of God" Origin of Ariel: Hebrew Ariel's Popularity in 2018: #154

Ariel Origin and Meaning

The name Ariel is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "lion of God".

Ariel is a biblical name, seen there as the messenger of Ezra, and also used as a symbolic name for the city of Jerusalem, while Shakespeare used it for a (male) sprite in The Tempest.

For girls, Ariel enjoyed a considerable burst of popularity with the 1989 release of Disney's The Little Mermaid: in 1991 it peaked at Number 66.

Although its wave has crested, Ariel is still a name any little girl would love. It is also associated with the poetry of Sylvia Plath and with the Chilean-American writer Ariel Dorfman. The popular historian Ariel Durant was born Ida Ariel Ethel.

In Israel, Ariel is used as much or more for boys, but in the US, more than three times as many baby girls as boys are named Ariel.

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Ari, Arielle, Ariella, Aria, Ariela, Aeriel, Aurielle, Arieal, Aire, Arrielle, Arriele, Aireal, Aeriale, Auriel, Ariele, Airiél,


Morri Arty Says:


I prefer this name for males, pronounce ahr-E-el

MidnightSky Says:


I'm sorry that people have given you so much grief over what is a truly lovely name. I have always thought that Ariel sounded so beautiful. I'm glad that you now have a name that you feel fits you better.

Rosie2525 Says:


A very pretty name. Don't let the other posts dissuade you; Ariel is a beautiful name. I know someone who pronounces it aur-e-elle, which I think is lovely. :)

Rosie2525 Says:


Sorry you came to hate your name, but Ariel is a lovely name and you really shouldn't be so upset over it. I would have nothing bad to say about a child being named Ariel :)

Rosie2525 Says:


Sorry you're bitter about the name :) But I think it's very pretty.

Scorpio Says:


I really don't like this name on a girl at all because it reminds me of the Disney princess. I always found Ariel to be unbearably dull and irritating. I'd never give a girl this name.

Relish Says:


Do not give this name to your daughters, people. It is an endless source of ridicule. It's bad enough if kids on the playground laugh in your face about your name, but imagine it coming from adults. Yes, adults. People do not automatically become "mature" just because they are legally no longer minors, and many remain immature well into middle age and dotage. Imagine getting ridiculed at the DMV when you go to get your driver's license renewed. Or by the receptionist at the doctor's office. Or the photographer from the newspaper if you're involved in some event that gets covered. Or the TSA agent at the damn AIRPORT!!!! If you love your child, you will not subject her (or him) to this once-grand but now ridiculous name! (I know all this because it used to be my name. Putting up with all the ridicule was enough to make me legally change it!)

Relish Says:


You don't know it because you haven't lived it. It sucks. I don't wish that name on anyone. It WAS my name, and I got such grief for it-- nobody takes you seriously if you have the same name as a damn cartoon character, even during ADULTHOOD-- that I legally changed my name so I wouldn't have to put up with it anymore!

Ariel Says:


My name is Ariel and I love it!!!

meaganegibson Says:


My friend is named Ariel, but she pronounces it Ah-ri-ELLE

laura Says:


My little girl is called Ariel. She is beautiful and gets compliments on her name wherever she goes.

Cristina Says:


This is name is by far my favorite name of all time... But hey... I am obsessed with The Little Mermaid ;) My fiance already knows what our first born daughters name is ;)

zenithstarr Says:


My best friend's name is Ariel and she's far from the little mermaid. She loves how unique the name is. Most of her friends just call her "Url" which came out on accident one day and has stuck ever since. Her initials are AZ though, whihc gives her major bragging rights.

vito208 Says:


Thank you : ) @ziggywiggy

ziggywiggy Says:


Ariel is the name of one of Uranus's moons :)

vito208 Says:


This name is in the celestial list name . Does anyone know why ?

vito208 Says:


Bullied ? Like what ? "Oh you're a mermaid "... Doesn't seem bad for a little girl .. I think most girls would like that - I would hardly "feel bad for her "

headintheclouds Says:


Where I'm from, this is a very boy-name, and I know two guys named Ariel who often get jokes about The Little Mermaid. Honestly I'm rather annoyed that Disney didn't just name the redhead mermaid Arielle or Ariella. Regardless, I think Ariel is very tied to the princess character, like Jasmine, Merida and Aurora are- and if that's your intent in going for the name, go for it!

oliviamcdonald Says:


I like it pronounced Ah-ri-elle not Air- rial which makes me think of TV or radio aerial

alyssum Says:


The Disney association isn't necessarily a bad thing. When I was a kid, one of my classmates had a sister named Arielle, and I remember being wildly envious because it was like the Little Mermaid, but even prettier.

gracexx Says:


If anyone names their child this I feel so bad for her. people are going to make fun of her by the time she gets to third grade she might even get bullied

Alicia1 Says:


Ariel is kind of ho hum, Arielle is so much prettier!

Kisa Says:


I love this name though I can't get the Little Mermaid out of my head. I even went to school with a girl named Ariel and still couldn't shake the mermaid association.

leonoras Says:


Arielle is a good way to prevent it from being all Disney.

AprilRobin Says:


I like this name but I can't help but picture Ariel from the little mermaid but it's still a cute name.