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Gender: F Pronunciation: AH-lee-uh; Meaning of Alia: "supreme, exalted" Origin of Alia: Arabic feminine form of Ali Alia's Popularity in 2016: #650

Alia is most classic and feminine form of Ali, one of the 99 attributes of Allah. The name is used by Christians, Muslims and Jews; the word Aliyah means to make a pilgrimage to Israel and the words in both languages mean sublime, lofty, or exalted. Alia is also the name of the heroine of Frank Herbert's science fiction classic Children of Dune

While Alia is the sleekest version of the name, both the most ancient and the most modern-feeling, its most famous relative in the U.S. today is the more complicated Aaliyah.

In this extended family of names, Aaliyah is the most popular, at Number 53, with Aliyah not far behind. Alia, at 650, and Aliya, at 848, are further down the list. All variants have been declining in popularity in the past few years.

Famous People Named Alia

Alia al-Hussein, Queen consort of Jordan
Alia bint Al Hussein, Princess of Jordan
Alia Martine Shawkat, American actress
Alia Shanee Atkinson, Jamaican Olympic swimmer
Alia Muhammad Baker, librarian who saved 30, 000 books from destruction in Iraq
Alia Bano, British playwright
Alia Bhatt, Indian actress
Alia Ghanem, birth name of Osama Bin Laden's mother
Alia Moses Ludlum, U.S. federal judge
Alia Mamdouh, Iraqi novelist, author and journalist
Alia Ouabdelsselam, French ice dancer
Alia Shelesh aka SSSniperWolf, British-American YouTuber
Alia Sabur, American materials scientist; world's youngest professor
Alia Rose Lebeau (b. 1992), daughter of singer Teena Marie
Alía Horford Vega (b. 2016), daughter of Miss Universe Amelia Vega and basketball player Al Horford

Pop Culture References for the name Alia

Alia, character in the Shadow Children series by Margaret P. Haddix
Alia, character in Mega Man X series
Alia Atreides, character in the Dune series by Frank Herbert
Alia carinata, species of very small sea snail
Alia, former Jordanian national airline
Alia Zhang, character in video game "The Sims 3" Moonlight Bay