uh-lee-uh; a-lee-uh ; ah-LEE-uh
"to rise"

Aliya Origin and Meaning

The name Aliya is a girl's name of Arabic origin meaning "to rise".

Simpler and less tied to the singer in this form, Aliya is a feminine form of the Arabic name Ali, meaning "lofty, sublime, high" or "exalted." Boosted to fame by the ill-fated singer, Aaliyah, and used across the Middle East, the US and the UK, Aliya is a powerful and pretty choice with a concise spelling.

It could also be linked to the Hebrew word "alah" meaning "to rise" or "to ascend" and refers to the migration of Jews to Israel.

Do you prefer this sleeker spelling to the higher ranking Aaliyah? You might also enjoy Alia or Alya.

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Aliya Popularity

Famous People Named Aliya

  • Aliya MustafinaRussian gymnast
  • Aliya bint AliQueen of Iraq
  • Aliya LeeKongAmerican chef, television personality, and author
  • Aliya MoldagulovaSoviet and Kazakh WWII heroine
  • Aliya Jasmine SovaniCanadian television personality and producer

Aliya in Pop Culture

  • Aliya Dayspringcharacter in X,Men Comics