Kalina Origin and Meaning

The name Kalina is a girl's name of Polish, Hawaiian, Bulgarian origin meaning "viburnum".

Kalina, known as a girls' name throughout Eastern Europe, translates literally to viburnum in Polish, making it a botanical name. Viburnum is a flowering shrub. Some sources translate this name as simply "flower." Variations may include Kaline, Kalena, and Kalene.

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Kalina Popularity

Famous People Named Kalina

  • KalinaPrincess of Bulgaria (b. 1972), daughter of Tsar Simeon II
  • Kalina JędrusikPolish singer and actress
  • Kalina Venelinova KrumovaBulgarian TV journalist and MP
  • Kalina YordanovaBulgarian psychologist

Kalina in Pop Culture

  • Kalina Annthe mother of Lady in the video game Devil May Cry 3, after whom she names her weapon