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Gender: M Meaning of Albin: "white" Origin of Albin: Latin

Albin is a modern form of the ancient Roman Albinus or Albus, meaning white or bright. There was a Saint Albinus who was also known as Aubin. In the contemporary world, Albin is popular in Sweden and ripe for export as a simple, unusual name with deep history.

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Famous People Named Albin

Albin of Brechin, Scottish bishop
Albin Dunajewski, Polish political activist and Bishop of Kraków
Albin Ebondo, French footballer
Albin Egger-Lienz, Austrian painter
Albin Ekdal, Swedish attacking midfielder
Albin Eser, German jurist and an ad litem judge
Albin Grau, artist, architect and occultist, and the producer and production designer for F.W. Murnau's "Nosferatu"
Albin Gutman, Slovenian general, who is currently Chief of the Generalstaff of the Slovenian Armed Forces
Albin Haller, French chemist
Albin Julius, Austrian martial music and industrial artist
Albin Killat, German diver
Albin Kitzinger, German footballer
Albin Köbis, German sailor
Albin Kurti, Kosovo activist
Albin Lermusiaux, French, Olympic shooter
Albin Polasek, Czech-American sculptor and educator
Albin W. Norblad, American judge
Albin Nyamoya, Prime Minister of Burundi
Albin Gara, Designer
Albin Roussin, French admiral and statesman
Albin F. Schoepf, Polish-born military officer who became a Union brigadier general during the American Civil War
Albin Schram, Czech, one of the greatest collectors of autograph letters by shapers of world history
Albin Starc, Croatian World War II pilot
Albin Stenroos, Finnish, Olympic winner of the marathon race
Albin Ström, Swedish socialist politician
Albin Sandqvist, Swedish electronic and dance pop singer known by mononym Albin. Also part of Swedish pop band Star Pilots
Albin Vidović, Croatian, Olympic handballer
Albin Zollinger , Swiss writer
Albin Marian Jasiński, infantry colonel of the Army of the Russian Empire and general of the brigade of the Polish Army
Albin Franciszek Siekierski, Polish writer
Henryk Albin Tomaszewski, Polish sculptor specializing in artistic glass
Józef Albin Herbaczewski, Lithuanian poet writing in Lithuanian and Polish
Jerzy Albin de Tramecourt, Polish military and state activist

Pop Culture References for the name Albin

The name Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116, pronounced Albin, given by Swedish parents to their child as protest to Sweden's infant naming laws