Adora Origin and Meaning

The name Adora is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "adored".
A name that would lavish your child with adoration, a princess name--as in Princess Adora of She-Ra: Princess of Power.

Adora Popularity

20 Names Similar to Adora

Famous People Named Adora

  • Adoración "Dori" ApoloSpanish footballer
  • Adora BatBratSwedish goth YouTuber
  • Adora Borealis Villegasdaughter of Reality TV stars Rachel Reilly and Brandon Villegas

Adora in Pop Culture

  • Adoracharacter in animated series "She,Ra: Princess of Power"
  • Adora Belle Dearheartcharacter in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series
  • Adora Crellincharacter from Gillian Flynn's "Sharp Objects"
  • Adora Almeriacharacter in "The Sims"
  • AdoraSpanish nickname for Adoracion
  • Adoramain character in "She,Ra and the princesses of Power", a remake of "She,Ra: Princess of Power"

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