Gender: Female Meaning of Acacia: "thorny" Origin of Acacia: Greek

Acacia Origin and Meaning

The name Acacia is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "thorny".

Acacia is an attractive, rarely used Greek flower name enhanced by its popular beginning-and-ending-with 'a'-construct, and is gradually beginning to catch on as a new member of the stylish girl names starting with A.

The acacia is a shrub of the mimosa family, with clusters of showy white or yellow blossoms, which symbolizes resurrection and immortality--making the name especially appropriate for an Easter-season baby.

Named by an early Greek botanist, the acacia is known for its fine wood and medicinal properties. It also has biblical ties, since the Ark of the Covenant was made out of Acacia wood.

As a given name, Acacia has had some popularity in Australia, where the acacia (sometimes known there as the wattle) is a common plant and sometime national symbol.

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Famous People Named Acacia

Pop Culture References for the name Acacia

Casey, Kasi, Accasie, Casi, Akacia, Caysha, Acatia, Kakie, Akakia, Accassia, Akaysha, Kassja, Casha, Acaysha, Kaci, Cacie,


Daiseymae Says:


I like your pronunciation much better.

Phoebe_Rebecca Says:


the name is beautiful but the meaning puts me off a little bit

mill1020 Says:


Liking this name. It could be a neat middle to honor a Casey, too.

Ebony Says:


No in Australia where the Wattle is native it's A-kay-sha, most people I know of with the name spell it either Akaysha or Akayshah it's definitely not uh-kay-see-ah

cherrydubois Says:


Outside of the US it is pronounced uh-kay-see-uh

cherrydubois Says:


It's US English that butchers your name! In the UK it would most likely be pronounced the Spanish way. Congrats on having such a gorgeous name.

WinterSolstice17 Says:


I kind of like 'Sia' as a nickname, too bad everyone would automatically think of the singer...

Daiseymae Says:


this was on my list back in 2000. Beautiful name,

Samsonite Says:


Gorgeous! But only pronounced with the hard k, like Acadia. The "Asha" makes it unappealing and lispy sounding.

Acacia Arizmendi Says:


Being that this is actually my name , the only real nickname I have had is" Kaish", "Kaisha" or " KK" ( which I hate) . I personally don't go by any nicknames though, they are only used by family every once and a while. My name has been botched in so many ways my whole , at school, the Dr office, at work , just meeting new people in general . I used to let people mis pronounce it bc i was shy but as I got older I have started to correct people , and its actually a conversation starter. But literally 95% of the people I meet comment on my name that they like it or how different it is. In Spanish is is pronounced "Uh-ka-Si-Uh" , in English it is "Uh-Kay-Shuh" .When I was little I hated my name bc I always had to repeat it , but I have grown to love its uniqueness. I am having a daughter in 5 weeks and will be giving her my name .

paulapuddephatt Says:


Love this

Bitsy Poet Says:


I know two different little girls with this name, but both are pronounced the same as Asia. It takes away any apeal to me

kxlly0614 Says:


I like this name a lot, but there are lots of pronunciations that come with it. Still beautiful though!

hufflepuff Says:


ah-KAY-sha is the only correct pronunciation. I like this name, it's very exotic sounding.

Shellz Says:


I love this name. I would want to pronounce it "Ah-Say-Shee-Ah" or "Ah-Say-Sha". I would probably spell it more like Ascatia. I feel like the pronunciation of this name can be so different with so many different spellings that it will never be pronounced the way the parents want. But it is a beautiful and different name.

Jasmin Says:


I thought it was pronounced Ah-Kay-See-Ah.

Lola Says:


Cici or Cay Cay (pronounced Kay Kay) are cute nicknames!

missLis Says:


I adore Greek names, and this is one of the most likely to catch on-

Catastroffy Says:


The tree name is pronounced "uh-KAY-shuh", but I don't know if there are any other pronunciations or not.

Lyra_Faith Says:


Don't really see myself using this. It's one of those names that people might get confused on how to say it...

Apernell Says:


I love this name, but Acacia Brinley is just awful and it ruins the name...

winnie Says:


ksha, caci, case

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


Huh. I didn't know the Golden Wattle is known as Acacia. (Golden Wattle is what we call it in South Australia, where it's native flora and state symbol).

Guest Says:


Does anyone know how to pronounce this correctly? Is it Ah-Kay-Sha?

jan11th Says:


I know a girl that is internet famous with this name and I dislike her so not any chance I would use this

Guest Says:


I strongly dislike this name because it makes me think of "the burning bush" (eww) and that Acacia Brinley is wretched.

Christina25 Says:


I like this name! Similar to Kacia, Cassia, etc.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Pretty name. I love it!

Oleander Says:


Lol, all I can think of is the band... The Acacia Strain.

overtherainbow95 Says:


I love this name, it's so beautiful! The three -a's make the name flow really nicely and the Biblical association is pleasant, too. @Sweekune: Possible nicknames could be Cassia, Kay, or Kacey/Casey :) It would be sad to "avoid" it due to the lack of nicknames though...

Sweekune Says:


I find myself oddly attracted to this name. However, I can't think of any nicknames I like to go with it and it seems a bit harsh without one to me.