Danish Names

Danish baby names include many names that are the familiar Danish spins on pan-European names: consider Frederik and Kristen.
And then there are the Danish names not usually found outside Copenhagen and environs, such as Bendt (the Danish form of Benedict) or Jesper (an intriguing spin on Jasper).A small country connected to the European mainland and separated by water from the other Scandinavian lands, Denmark has its own distinct culture including names.

If your family has Danish roots or you have other reasons you're seeking a Danish name for your baby, our complete collection of Danish names for girls and boys is here.The top names below rank among the current US Top 1000 Baby Names and are ordered by popularity.Unique names rank below the Top 1000 and are listed alphabetically.

If you'd like to browse a wider selection of names, go here to browse our full collection of Scandinavian names.
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Top Danish Names

  • Jensen

    A variation of Jenson, which is actually more popular than the original in the United States. This spelling also holds the distinction of being the most common surname in Denmark. ... Read More 

  • Hugo

    Hugo, the Latin form of Hugh, has more heft and energy than the original -- and of course we love names that end (or begin, for that matter) with an o. This one is especially appealing because... Read More 

  • Derrick

    Variation of Derek.Read More 

  • Soren

    This gentle Scandinavian name, soft and sensitive, is being discovered in a major way by parents in the US. It's most closely identified with the nineteenth century philosopher Soren Kierkegaard,... Read More 

  • Karen

    Karen is a Danish diminutive of Katherine, an English name derived from the Greek Aikaterine. The etymology of Aikaterine is contested, but generally considered to have arisen from the Greek root... Read More 

  • Kristian

    Variation of Christian.Read More 

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