"noble wolf"

Adolf Origin and Meaning

The name Adolf is a boy's name of Danish origin meaning "noble wolf".

Adolf may have been a Swedish royal name but the terrible dictatorship of Adolf Hitler has ruled out this name Adolf for any sensible parent. In the US last year, there were more than 100 boys' given the Spanish variation Adolfo and a handful given the old school Adolphus, but none named Adolf or Adolph....thank goodness.

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Adolf Popularity

Famous People Named Adolf

  • Saint Adolf of OsnabrückGerman bishop
  • AdolfKing of Germany
  • Adolf FrederickKing of Sweden
  • Adolf HitlerAustrian,born Nazi dictator and mass,murderer
  • (Otto) Adolf EichmannGerman Nazi SS commander
  • Adolf Joseph Ferdinand "Dolfo" GallandGerman WWII general and flying ace
  • Adolf Franz Karl Viktor Maria LoosAustrian,Czech architect
  • Adolf DickfeldGerman WWII flying ace
  • (Johann Friedrich Wilhelm) Adolf von BaeyerGerman chemist who synthesized indigo; winner of the Nobel Prize
  • Adolf Otto Reinhold WindausGerman chemist; winner of the Nobel Prize
  • Adolf Friedrich Johann ButenandtGerman biochemist; winner of the Nobel Prize

Adolf in Pop Culture

  • Adolf Kamil and Adolf Kaufmanntitle characters in manga "Adolf" by Osamu Tezuka