Russian Names

Russian baby names are attracting new attention in the Western World, thanks to the increased visIbility of Russian culture and an influx of Russian models. Although we offer curated guides to Russian names for girls and Russian names for boys, what’s here is our full list of Russian baby names, generated from our complete database. The Russian names here range from the eminently usable – think Sasha Obama’s double-Russian name, with Sasha normally a nickname for Alexandra but in the First Daughter’s case, it’s short for Natasha.

Russian names in the US Top 1000 for girls include Annika, Kira, Mila, Nadia, and Nina. For boys, Russian names in the US Top 1000 include Damien, Dmitri, Ivan, Nikolai, and Valentin. In Russia, popular names include Polina, Ksenia, Mikhail, and Alexei.

Other familiar Russian names include Nadya, Vladimir, Olga, and Igor. But for parents with a taste for the exotic, Russian baby names get far more adventurous than that. Here is Nameberry’s full menu of Russian names.

Top Russian Names

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