Top Japanese Names

Japanese baby names are rarely used in the English-speaking world, as English names are rarely used in Japan. In other Asian countries, people often take on English names to ease pronunciation and spelling confusion when going to school or working internationally, but Japanese names are spelled and pronounced in a way that translates across tongues. Unlike other Asian cultures where English study has long been mandatory in school, Japanese students only began compulsory English classes in 2011.

Japanese names in the US Top 1000 for girls include Amaya, Kairi, Reina, Sara, and Tori. For boys, Japanese names in the US Top 1000 include Asa, Kane, Kai, Raiden, and Ren. In Japan, popular names include Sakura, Yuna, Haruki, and Riku.

Not many Americans or British are able to speak Japanese either, making for less fluid travel of names between cultures. Japanese baby names that work best in the West are those that are familiar via celebrities, pop culture, or similarity to more familiar Western names such as Hana, Kai, or Zen. But there are many other lovely Japanese names for girls or boys worth browsing here is you’re looking for an unusual international name for your baby son or daughter.

Our full roster of Japanese baby names follows. The top names below rank among the current US Top 1000 Baby Names and are ordered by popularity. Unique names rank below the Top 1000 and are listed alphabetically.
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